The race is on for technology that is wearable and there are definitely no lack of competitors both in terms of the types of wearable’s that are accessible in the marketplace at the moment and also in terms of the companies that are trying to innovate within this space.

There is little doubt that the most talked about wearable of 2015 has to be the new Apple Watch which launched last month (Friday April 24th 2015 to be precise).

Whilst there are plenty of wearable’s in the marketplace aside from the traditional watch, many think that it is something at least similar to the watch that will eventually become the standard piece of wearable tech that everyone will use. Apple seem to agree with this assumption and have clearly shown this by staying very true to the traditional watch as we know it whilst also adding some cool new features to bring the device up to date.

The new Apple Watch certainly ticks many boxes when it comes to the wearable marketplace and it is no surprise that it has caught everyone’s eye on the run-up to its launch. However, Apple haven’t just been thinking about the technological side of their product but rather they’ve tried to create a beautiful timepiece both in terms of design and functionality in the hope that watch lovers around the world will be enticed by its appearance and feel just as much as the technology that it contains.

To the idealist this makes the Apple Watch almost the perfect modern time peace – some would argue that Apple have bridged the gap between tradition and technology when it comes to the wrist watch and in fact when it comes to wearable tech in general. Many of the Apple Watch’s predecessors have struggled with this match, often producing products that, whilst technologically advanced, are so ugly that no one wants to be seem with them in public. This inability to create something fashionable and cool has really been a road block in the development of wearable tech. The only downside with creating such a delicate and aesthetically pleasing watch is the durability – the design is so delicate that the wearer needs to be extremely careful that the watch does not get damaged (Although these damages can of course be fixed by companies such as iPhonefixed).

But have Apple taken too much notice to aesthetics when designing their watch? Underneath all of this form and beautiful exterior is there really enough functionality to the watch for it to come out top in the wearable space?

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As always with Apple, it seems that they have indeed thought of everything – the watch really does pack a punch when it comes to tech features. The Apple Watch comes with built in GPS that is used by location services such as Google maps. This allows you not only to find your way around using your watch but it also allows you to easily keep up to date with your friends and lets you notify them of where you are and vice versa.

The watch comes with a very cool new feature designed by Apple called Sketch which could well be the next big thing in the communication. Sketch allows the user to quickly send little icons, shapes or sketches to people in their contacts list simply by moving their finger across the face of the Apple Watch. This is a similar concept to the popular Emoticons and is designed to be an extremely fast and easy way to communicate with friends via the watch.

The watch also features voice activation, cool digital display and lots of other features that tech savvy users will love. Form over function? We don’t think so but we would love to hear what our readers think as well.