Whether you are looking for your first computer, looking to purchase a computer as a gift for someone, or simply looking to replace your current computer, its always a good idea to look for the best PC desktop deals that you can find before purchasing.

There are many avenues these days for purchasing a desktop computer. The most obvious method is to physically go to a computer shop and look for the best PC desktop deals there. This can often work well as there are always good PC desktop deals and promotions available in store. Another good thing about going to a store is┬áthat you can look at and feel the computer before purchasing it – an important thing when buying a high cost item.

The Best PC Desktop Deals are Online

Having said that, its worth noting that the best PC desktop deals are often found online. This is partly because stores that sell exclusively online have lower over heads and can therefor offer the best PC desktop deals compared to retailers with physical store fronts. However, it is also because of the fact that when you shop online you can look in as many different places as you want, and you can easily compare models and prices whilst doing so, without any pressure from sales people.

best pc desktop deals

Shopping online in this way is like touring the country in a day, looking in every store, and carrying around a big notepad, writing every single price and model down as you go,whilst also being invisible to sales staff – its very advantageous.

Some of the best PC desktop deals online can be found at Ebuyer.com, Novatech.co.uk and Dell.co.uk.

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Be cautious when looking for the best PC desktop deals

OK, so we have established that its great being able to shop online for the best PC desktop deals. However, don’t think that because you are shopping online you are automatically going to get the best deal – you still need to do your research and you still need to shop around.

It might even be that you look at the best PC desktop deals in a physical store first, find one that you like and then go looking for the same deal online – this way you get the best of both worlds.

What does the best PC desktop deal look like?

The next thing is knowing what the best PC desktop deal actually looks like. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the best price equals the best PC desktop deal because it doesn’t. Lots of retailers, especially online, are actually catering to those looking for the best PC desktop deal, and as such they offer low specification machines at seemingly great prices.

These computers look like a great deal – really cheap, snazzy sales pitch, great. But in reality they are often under powered machines and will not last long once purchased.

When you are looking for the best PC desktop deals you really need to look at all of the factors involved, in particular the power and storage capacity of the PC.

We have put together a quick guide to the main components of a computer and the features in them that you should be looking out for when trying to find the best PC desktop deals.

Processor Type

The processor in a PC is very important. When you are looking for the best PC desktop deals the processor is one thing you should really be paying attention to. The Processor is the component that does a large amount of the work when your PC is running. There are lots of different processor models and specifications being released all the time.

To keep things simple, you get two main processor manufacturers – Intel and AMD. In our opinion Intel are better so we will be focusing on Intel.

Within Intel, there are lots of models of processor, but again to keep things simple, we will group them as follows (And this is in order of power, slowest to fastest. We have also listed the processor types as they will normally be listed.

  • Single core celeron
  • Dual celeron
  • Intel i3
  • Intel i5
  • Intel i7

In our opinion, if you are looking for the best PC desktop deals you should be looking at i3, i5 or i7 processors. Anything below those are normally not very fast and you tend to find that coupled with the latest operating system (Windows 8) the computer would running fairly slowly.

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There is also something that most people don’t realise about computers and that is that they change by themselves. What we mean by this is without any user interaction (or at least very little user interaction) a computer will change – update its core operating system, update programs installed on it and often add new features by itself. In addition to that, the software that comes out for computers is always changing and becoming more complex and more demanding.

Because of these things, a computer will gradually slow down over time – as the software on them evolves and leaves the hardware behind.

This means that if you look for the best PC desktop deals and get a cheap low spec computer, it will often fall behind before the guarantee has even run out.

Looking for a good processor is one of the first ways you can try to avoid this trap.

Memory (RAM)

When looking for the best PC desktop deals memory is probably the second most important factor to consider. It is a common conception that “memory” refers to the amount of storage space in a PC. Whilst this is technically correct (computer storage is a form of memory) when we talk about memory we are normally referring to RAM (random access memory) which is like the working memory of a computer.

If you are writing a really large document for example, then the computer would keep the document in RAM whilst you were working on it – its like the temporary storage before data gets written to the permanent storage media on the computer.

Memory is actually used for almost all tasks that are running on a computer at any point in time. Because of this fact, memory is very important and within reason, the more of it the computer has the better it will run, and more specifically the more programs you can run at the same time.

Between 4GB and 8GB is a good amount of memory to have in a typical computer that is running on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Memory (Hard drive)

The other type of memory is the storage memory, often referred to as the hard drive, which is actually the name for the component responsible for storing the data on a computer.

Having a reasonable size hard drive is important, otherwise you risk the machine becoming “full” in a short amount of time. On a computer running windows 7 or windows 8, 250 – 500GB is a good size for a hard drive.

Having a larger amount of storage is really dependent on what you are planning to use the computer for, rather than aiding any speed or performance related metrics.


When you are looking for the best PC desktop deals, included peripherals is quite an important factor to consider. At a minimum, the best PC desktop deals can come as stand alone computers without any peripherals.

Some of the peripherals you will however need are:

  • Computer monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Speakers
  • Wireless capability

Of course most of these things can be purchased separately, but it is something you should consider when looking for the best PC desktop deals.