When we came across this funky looking gaming mouse we just had to post a review here on Bloggtech. The mouse is produced and sold by FlexBrains – an innovative computer accessories retailer based in North Carolina, USA.


FlexBrains produce several computer mice with a key focus on the gaming niche. All of their products are very stylish, bright and definitely stand out against any other mouse we have seen on the market.

The focus of our article – the LED luminous gaming mouse – is one of their most stylish products and its look, feel and functionality blew us away.

Stylish Design

The LED gaming mouse comes in a unique design that is produced by LED lights that change color and are allowed to shine through the mat-black surface of the mouse producing a fantastical futuristic and luminous effect.

LED gaming mouse by FlexBrains

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the LED lights produce 7 different colors, one at a time and change every few seconds. This looks great in daylight, but turn the lights out and this mouse really shines – the changing color really produces a fantastic atmosphere whilst you are gaming.

LED technology

The FlexBrains gaming mouse is powered by the latest LED lighting technology to produce its constant changing color. Using this technology enables the mouse to produce a fantastic quality and depth of light whilst also being very low on energy usage and also having a much longer life expectancy than would be the case with traditional lighting technology.

2400 DPI for Great Gaming

DPI or dots per inch is the term used to describe how responsive the mouse is to the users movements. The higher the DPI setting that a mouse is capable of, the further the cursor will move on the screen in relation to the physical movements made with the mouse by the user.

In addition to length and ease of movement, a higher DPI setting also increases the sensitivity of the mouse – meaning that the user can make very small movements and still have those reflected by the cursor on the screen.

A high DPI capability is great for many reasons but particularly useful for the following situations:

  • High precision working – In computing environments where high precision is required such as design work, technical drawing and other high level computer tasks a high DPI setting is useful because it enables the user to have a very close relationship with the cursor and control it with only the slightest of movements from the physical mouse.
  • High resolution monitors – The higher the resolution of the monitor and in particular the larger the physical size of the monitor, the more useful DPI becomes as it means that you can track the cursor across the entire screen with only small movements from the mouse itself. With a large monitor and a low DPI mouse you would be moving the mouse several times across the mouse mat simply to traverse the full length of the monitor with the cursor.
  • Gaming – Of all the uses for a high DPI mouse such as the LED gaming mouse produced by FlexBrains, gaming is probably the most fitting one – Gaming being a very fast paced and critial PC activity, having an ultra sensitive and fast moving mouse is crucial and will give any gamer the endge they require to beat other players – or the computer itself.

The LED gaming mouse runs at 2400DPI when set to its maximum. This is a very admirable DPI capability and is ideal for use by professional and amateur gamers alike.

For tasks that require a slower cursor movement the DPI setting can also be reduced as required.

Overall the LED gaming mouse is a fantastic product that will suit a very wide user base, its a stylish, durable and long-lasting replacement to that plain mouse thats currently sitting on your desk.

Order your LED gaming mouse from FlexBrains via Amazon at this link:


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