USB drives are the shorthand term for external solid state drives with a usb connection. When we talk about a pen drive 2gb is a relatively small amount of space – in fact these days when we are talking about a pendrive 128GB is not an uncommon size which of course is a lot more than 2gb.

Having said that, just because a pen drive 2gb in size is very small, it does not mean that it does not have its uses.

In this article we are going to discuss the various scenarios where a pen drive 2gb in capacity would be useful as well as the various other options and USB drive sizes that are available.

Pen drive 2gb price range

The first advantage of choosing a pen drive 2gb in size would be the average price range. A usb 2gb in size is likely to be cheaper than most other usb drives due to the fact that it is so small in size.

pen drive 2gb

pen drive 2gb

Because of this, any situation where price is one of the most sensitive points, a pen drive 2gb in size is going to be the best option.

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A good example of this would be a scenario where you need to order usb drives in bulk – for instance if you were working on a school project and needed to order usb drives for every member of the class, in this case a pen drive 2gb in size would be cheap enough that you could order 30 of them without getting in to debt.

Below is a pen drive price list compiled from various size usb flash drives available on

There are two things you will probably notice about this pen drive price list, the first is that the size of the drive does not necessarily dictate the price – there are larger drives that are cheaper than the smaller drives. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the pen drive market and different manufacturers can produce and sell the drives for different prices.

The second thing is that you find at the top end of the market, the price increases drastically, this is largely due to the fact that larger solid state storage is more expensive to manufacture and also because the larger drives tend to be usb 3.0 based, which is faster and always more expensive.

Applications for a pen drive 2gb in size

Aside from cost, there are applications for a pen drive 2gb in size. Some situations where a usb drive is needed, the size of that drive isnt important and in fact is sometimes required to be small.

A good example of such a scenario would be when creating a bootable USB drive. If you are using a usb drive purely as a boot device – perhaps even in a scenario where it is the only boot device, then the size of the drive may not be as important. if you were booting to a variant of linux for example, then a pen drive 2gb in size would be perfect for the task.

In addition, due to the formating restrictions in some partition types, then a pen drive 2gb in size may be preferable to larger drives.

Other scenarios where a pen drive 2gb in size are ideal

Another common scenario where a pen drive 2gb in size are often used is in marketing. Where pens and mouse mats used to be the customizable marketing gift of choice, these days thats been replaced by usb drives.

custom pen drive 2gb in size

custom pen drive 2gb in size

A pen drive 2gb in size is cheap enough that they can be ordered in bulk and customized with your business name and contact details. These make a great giveaway for sending out to potential customers and are less likely to be discarded than other gifts due to their usability.

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