We are often asked about hosting providers and which provider is the best one to go for. The reality is that there really are thousands of hosting providers to choose from. Hosting is a niche that is very easy to get into by some means – whether that be building your own infrastructure or simply using another providers reseller account and branding it with your own logo.

Whilst its very easy to get into, its also quite competitive and its very hard to do well – In order to have a really reliable and stable service you do need to invest a lot of money in infrastructure – and yet the industry is so competitive that the margins may seem low after having to invest so much up front into the hardware required.

For the reason, the reality is that the larger hosting companies are better. Although a lot of people refuse to believe this and would rather opt for a smaller hosting provider, thinking they will get a much more personal service, it is simply not the case. Hosting has almost become a commodity and when done properly there should very rarely be any problems, but when done badly it can literally be catastrophic.

There are a couple of hosting providers that we recommend as being a cut above the rest and we plan to cover each one in detail over a series of hosting review articles.

Our first hosting provider review, and no doubt one of the best providers out there, is Hostgator. Whist we don’t run BloggTech on Hostgator’s servers, we do run several of our other websites on Hostgator’s platform and can say from experience that everything about their service is outstanding.

In this article we will highlight a few of the key features that set them aside from the competition with all points being from our direct experience.

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Services Offered

Hostgator offer a comprehensive list of different hosting services including standard hosting, reseller hosting, VPS (virtual private server) hosting as well as fully dedicated servers. The standard hosting service is what will probably suit the majority of users – its what you would need to host the average website – whether that is your own websites or clients websites.

The great thing about their hosting packages is that they come with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth and are still really competitive, if not cheaper, when compared to other hosting providers. Coupled with the fact that you can get 30 Percent off Web Hosting coupons from HGCoupons as well you end up with an unbelievably cheap and reliable hosting package.

Of course Hostgator also offer other related products and services such as domain registration and they also have an affiliate program if you wish to simply recommend and resell their services.


We touched on price above, but it really is a fantastically cheap option for web hosting – especially when you consider how feature rich the service is and also how stable the service is (which we will mention in more detail below).

You can get completely unlimited shared web hosting for as many domains as you have starting at $6.36/month (which is equivalent to just over £4/month at the time of writing).

Reseller hosting starts at around $20/month and gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of customer accounts – this is ideal if you are a website services provider as you can give your customers what is effectively their own Hostgator account which they have full control over and this adds tremendous value to the overall package that you are offering them.

VPS and Dedicated server pricing vary depending on exactly what you are looking for, but these systems are for high very traffic sites and other demanding services that require dedicated or semi-dedicated hardware.

As an example, we run around 100 sites on the reseller hosting without any issue at all.

Save money by using HGCoupon.com

As we mentioned previously, there are generally hostgator coupons available for all of these services, so its well worth checking those out before purchasing – One of the best places for these discount codes is HGCoupons so its well worth checking over at their site before any purchase.


Some people complain about hostgator, as they do with any other large hosting provider, we have found that the reasons tend to centre around the fact that in a large hosting company there are rules and structure to follow – this is put in place for everyones benefit and it means that the service is super reliable and everything always works.

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In our experience the support at Hostgator has always been outstanding – the phone service is really friendly, and they actually add some comedy to it as well which is refreshing compared to almost all other automated phone systems. Wait time is always very short and the best thing about Hostgator support is that all of the support engineers know the system inside out – there is no wasting 20 minutes with someone who is reading from a script, they are all extremely competent and can normally resolve your issue within a couple of minutes.


Stability is probably the best part above all else with Hostgator. Their system really is well built, established and extremely stable. We have been using Hostgator for around 3 years now and have not had a single incident in that time, in terms of up time and stability. Once again, going with one of the larger hosting providers like Hostgator means that you can reap the benefits of extremely well built and stable foundations.