If you are planning to build your own server infrastructure – whether it be for the purposes of creating a private use test platform, and private cloud solution of a hosting infrastructure, there are plenty of data centres UK based that will be more than suitable for the housing of that server infrastructure.

Whilst data centres in the UK may come at a premium in comparison to some other European locations, it is most definitely worth while if you are a UK based individual, or planning to offer managed hosting services of some form to a UK customer base.

The obvious advantages to having your server infrastructure in the same geographical location as your client base or centre of operations is that you will have a much faster connection due to lower latency, hop count and physical distance between the two.

Other advantages include the convenience of having UK based IP addressing and also of being physically near to your server infrastructure – this can come in handy for maintenance, upgrades and repairs as well as client tours where appropriate.

Another advantage you may not immediately think of is the matter of branding, loyalty and credibility – if you are in the same geographical location as your primary customer base you can sell that fact to them as an advantage – most consumers and business owners will always prefer to have a professional relationship with a company who is in a similar location to them as it often offers a greater peace of mind and comfort knowing that the provider is in the same vicinity as you.

Img 51614 critical-data-centre-at-uni-of-hertfordshire
By Wikieditor243 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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In terms of the actual UK data centre market, it is most definitely a vast one – there are well over 100 data centres throughout the UK with locations such as Birmingham, Portsmouth, Newcastle and of course London.

London has 69 data centres at our last count, and of course there is good reason for such a high number being centered there – because London also houses the UKs Internet exchange (LINX) which transfers around 2.4TB of data per second at peak times and is the primary point of data transit between teh UK and the rest of the world.

Its no surprise that because of that fact, transfer rates in and around London, UK are very very fast, and latency very low.

Some of the well known data centre companies that operate in the UK data centre market are Pulsant, Iomart, Rackspace and Emnet.

Pricing of collocation space within UK data centres can vary depending on exact location, feature requirements and size of space, but as a general rule 1U of collocation space in the UK could cost you somewhere between £40-£60 per month, with additional fees for data transfer.

Compared to other locations within Europe this isn’t necessarily cheap, but the location makes the premium worth paying.