For those of you who are not aware IoT stands for the Internet Of Things. This term is what we use to describe the concept and prediction of almost every object that we interact with on a daily basis being connected to the Internet.

The IoT is not really so much of a futuristic vision but more of a current reality – it really is happening already with our televisions, phones, heating systems, house alarms and even household lighting being connected to the Internet. The IoT has seen the Internet begin a transition into a utility similar to gas and electric that interconnects our entire lives and something that we simply cannot do without.

the real benefit of IoT as a technology is the way in which it allows us to stay in control of our lives as the world becomes not only busier but bigger in terms of how we navigate it on a daily basis – how far we travel, where we work and where our connections and possessions are located in relation to us.

Put simply, IoT means we can be in control of our environment and our possessions wherever we are by communicating with them over the Internet.

IoT and its take-up in Luxury Cars

One area that has really seen a benefit from IoT technology and in fact was one of the areas to really make use of the technology in a big way is the car market and in particular the luxury car market.

A spokesman from a company selling used luxury cars in Toronto made it clear that almost all luxury cars on the market today have IoT technology built in – whether it be in built GPS, in car email functionality or the ability to access parts of a cars internal setup via the web.

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BMW in particular have been a pioneer in the inclusion of IoT technology within their cars. In some of the newer models for example they have included an on board management and alerts system that makes use of car to car communications.

This technology is responsible for managing all aspects of both the car itself and also the surroundings – environment, other cars and the traffic ahead. To make this alerting system much more effective and proactive the car will communicate with any other near by BMWs that have the same technology fitted. The cars communicate over a secure WLAN link that operates on an ad-hoc basis. This means that any BMW fitted with the technology can relay important information to any other. This information may include observations on the receiving vehicle, notes about driving data and most importantly traffic information – for example a BMW may relay an impending traffic jam to other BMWs further down the road.

One of the major benefits of this technology is that information can be relayed across great distances, each BMW in the communication chain acting as transmitter, receiver and intermediary – this means that important information can be spread very quickly and over great distance and gives BMW owners a real road advantage over other drivers.

This is a perfect example of just one of the real world applications of IoT technology and how it can really benefit us as a society.