Everyone is talking about IoT at the moment. If you haven’t heard of the term, it stands for Internet of Things and it is a reference to the current trend in connecting anything and everything to the Internet. Its not just one of those fads that is likely to pass by and its not just a mish-mash of Internet connected devices, the long term concept is that the Internet is fast becoming one of the fabrics of the modern world – much like the telephone, gas and electric.

As the Internet continues to evolve it is likely to become faster, bigger and much more a fundamental part of our lives – connecting everyone and everything in the world at lightning speed.

This article is the first in a series of real world write-ups on practical IoT devices that help individuals acomplish everyday tasks much more effectively simply by being connected to the Internet.

Nest thermostat – Heating control at your fingertips

nest thermostatThe Nest thermostat is part of a fantastic range of products produced for the home by Nest. The Thermostat can be connected into your existing boiler system by a Heat Link (which comes with the Nest thermostat as standard) after which you will be able to control every aspect of your heating system via the smart Nest device.

The Nest Thermostat really connects your heating to the modern world allowing you to create advanced schedules, intelligent heating – so that for example it can turn itself off when you leave the house, monthly email reports on heating consumption and energy efficiency as well as giving you the ability to control your heating system remotely, via your smart phone or tablet, from anywhere.

The Nest heating system even works with automation services such as IFTTT allowing you to set specific heating based actions which are activated by other actions – for example your presence in the house.

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Making IoT easy

the most common concern about connecting existing equipment to the world of IoT is the difficulty in doing so – especially when existing systems are often perceived as “old technology” in the face of modern Internet connected equipment such as the Nest Thermostat.

Luckily that is one of the key focus points for many IoT home devices including the Nest thermostat. Firstly, the Thermostat works perfectly with existing boilers due to the fact the Heat Link component connects directly to the existing boiler to physically control heat and temperature and then the Nest device only has to communicate with its Heat Link partner.

There is also the physical disruption that is often a big problem for people – when you introduce the Nest thermostat you are often going to be replacing an existing thermostat device which means dismantling wall brackets which can often leave a big mess.

Slider_ImageThat’s where a really cool company NestStuff come into play. After facilitating the installation of hundreds of Nest devices, they noticed that the most common feedback on the devices was that the plain white plastic faceplate that comes with the device was very boring and didn’t fit well with the Thermostat itself or with the household interior.

In addition, a solid faceplate was crucial for the device fitting stage because it makes it very easy to replace existing thermostat fittings as it hides any previous screw holes and so on.

As a direct result of this feedback from real customers NestStuff went to work developing a stylish and sleek faceplate for Nest devices that was made from the same material as the Nest itself (stainless steel) so that it would sit perfectly behind the nest, cover any remains of the old mount brackets and also add to the visual appeal of the entire device and fit perfectly into the home in terms of design and style.



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