The Internet of Things is the latest technological concept that involves the connecting of every day devices to the Internet. Where we were previously interested in technology based devices becoming connected to the Internet – such as our television, stereo system and our smart phone devices the Internet of things is more focused around the connection of other devices to the Internet that we did not previously associate with technology.

Some of the devices that we now have connected to the Internet include our cars – for management, remote configuration and monitoring and our home facilities including electricity and heating – which allows us to manage these services easily from our smart phone and other devices as well as being able to control them remotely.

The connection of these every day devices to our smart technology such as our phones and tablets is a key part of the Internet of Things as it is bringing everything into our control whether we are physically near to it or very far away.

One very interesting piece of every day equipment that is becoming “smart” is the toilet. Currently this modern toilet is only seen in Japan and is known as a Washlet. The toilet typically has several buttons on its side that control various different aspects of your experience including the ability to heat the toilet seat itself as well as being able to automatically wash the user once they have finished. More information about these toilets can be found here.

Whilst these toilets are not yet Internet connected, the fact that they have been introduced to technology in a way not seen before really does indicate that an Internet link will be coming soon.

The modern toilet is one of many items that could benefit from an Internet connection and could pave the way for personalizing our daily experiences in a uniform way wherever we are.

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Taking the toilet as an example, with an Internet link and perhaps the ability for the toilet to communicate with our smart phones, we could have a personalized experience wherever we are – each toilet “recognizing” the user and customizing the experience as per that particular users pre-programmed requirements.

There are many other day to day items where this Internet link and ability for customization could benefit and this could be the future of the Internet connected world.

Our shopping experience, for example, may start to become customized in the real world as it currently is when we browse the Internet – with street advertisements becoming tailored to each user as they walk past, and perhaps also product ranges changing depending on who happens to be browsing through them at the time.

As broadband speeds increase there will be much greater scope for the use of every day items being connected to the Internet and it is a technology where great innovation is likely to take place as new ideas for its use become apparent and achievable.

As the technology evolves, perhaps one day every item that we come in to contact with on a daily basis will be Internet connected and controllable by us wherever we are in relation to these objects that make up our daily lives.