If you have ever been involved in website development then you will know that one of the most popular pages to create is the contact page – it is a key element of almost every single website in existence as it is the first and foremost way of allowing your readers to have some interaction with you the website owner.

Equally whenever you visit a website you will always find a contact page and that page will often be accompanied by a contact form.

Contact forms: What are they really for?

If you run an educational website – such as Bloggtech for example, then you may have a contract form installed (like we do) mainly as a way of allowing visitors to interact – perhaps someone might want to send us some comments about an article, suggestions for a new topic that we should cover or simply some appreciation for the interesting time they have had whilst visiting our site. In that scenario the contact form is really just a window into the website owners world – like being able to come and knock on someones door.

If you run a business website – perhaps a showcase of your company, a products and services site or even a software platform – then your contact form will likely serve a very different purpose. In this case the form may be very functional – taking orders, interacting directly with your clients and perhaps even performing other types of transactions, contractual agreements or even transferring sensitive information.

Regardless if the real function behind the contact form, security is a key element and should not be taken lightly. Due to the nature of contact forms – that fact that they interact with the “back end” of your site, ultimately are executed by your hosting server and then are also linked to email systems, they really are a potential weak point in your site.

And thats before we even think about the sensitive data (belonging to your cared for users) that may be transfered via those contact forms and is susceptible to security breach anywhere along the way.

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I.CX Secure Contact Form

Thats why we were fascinated when we came across EveryBit Inc – They are most well known for their encrypted messaging and file sharing web application, and have now moved on to develop a secure contact form that makes it easy to add encryption to any website.

encrypted contact form front end example

The form looks like any other contact form upon first inspection, but once the user has entered their details and hit the submit button, all of the users data is hashed, fully encrypted and then sent via the messaging system. The message is not decrypted until it hits the mailbox at the receiving end meaning that you have a secure end to end platform for all communications sent via the form.

encrypted contact form builder

Sounds expensive right? Well actually the best part of it is that its completely free. You can customize and download the secure contact form from their website – https://i.cx/form/ and have a secure contact form up and running in a matter of minutes.

WordPress Integration coming soon

The company are also in the process of building a wordpress plugin which will allow the secure contact form to be built and installed in a few clicks and right from your wordpress control panel.