One of the things that I always find really interesting is when technology and the “real world” merge together. The Internet has lots of examples of this happening – especially when it comes to ecommerce. From getting your photos printed and sent out to you right through to buying music online there are loads of physical things that you can buy and have delivered right to your door without ever leaving your house.

This is really cool in itself because it saves time, but the best part is that many of these products have become far better thanks to the Internet and modern technology.

Phone cases as an example

Phone cases are a great example of this. If you visit most high street phone stores you will find that there are a very limited number of phone cases available and they are all very expensive. In the UK for example a typical phone case purchased in the highstreets can cost anywhere between £15 and £50 depending on the type of case you want and the design that you want.

You might think that the more expensive cases are of a much higher quality but it’s often not the case – in fact you are normally paying for the brand name or the design of that particular case.

Bespoke products at mass production prices

The Internet has completely changed this. Firstly it has opened up the phone case market (Like many other markets) and allowed almost anyone to compete (And competition is always good for the consumer) and secondly it means that companies can produce fantastic products at a fraction of the cost because there are less overheads and a much larger market for targeting.

Customized phone covers are a great example – where you are paying premium prices for standard phone cases in the shops, online you can get a fully customizable phone case with any image that you want (Even images that you upload yourself) and still for a lower cost than you would pay in the shops. This is pretty cool because you end up with a product that, for all intents and purposes, is completely bespoke and unique to you. Furthermore you are not paying any sort of premium for the design – you can make up a really fantastic and trendy design for your phone case and it still costs you the same small amount – typically around £19.

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This really embodies all that is great with technology and specifically with the Internet – for the consumer everything is better, more accessible and more customizable and for the retailers it’s also great because it levels the playing field and gives everyone a chance to compete. Furthermore it makes the big multi-nationals start to think a little more carefully about their customer loyalty and what they are doing to keep their clientele happy.


We even designed our own phone case whilst researching this article and we think it’s a pretty cool one. One thing is for certain – no one else will have a phone case like this one.