Masspoint is a brand new concept in online security that allows you to manage all of your details from a central place whilst also helping you to manage access to all of your favorite online applications.

The service was originally developed in back in August 2014 by a tech startup based out of Odense, Denmark.

Since then the idea has been well developed and is now at the second prototype phase and the developers are now looking for a first round of funding using the kickstarter platform.

Masspoint is built with Internet users in mind and specifically it is an online and mobile application that can manage your data (contact details, email address, phone number and many other pieces of information) across all of your online applications and services (such as social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter) from one central place. Using this solution, updating your email address on every site or service that you are a member of would be as simple as filling in one box within Masspoint where it would then be polled out to all connected applications and services.

Whilst this is one of the key concepts behind Masspoint, the feature with arguably the greatest benefit is the single sign-on facility that comes with Masspoint – Once again any application or service that is connected to Masspoint will give you the ability to centrally manage access to that application and will enable you to log on to any managed application or service with just a single global password – or other type of authentication system.

This feature is fantastic for the security conscious individual as it takes away the need to manage multiple passwords and in fact there is no need even for password managers or any other type of security storage, instead Masspoint will manage the credentials for you are allow you to control access to all of your online services from one place.

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Other features of Masspoint include service statistics, mobile verification and integrated password generator.

As well as being accessible across multiple platforms including iOS, android and web app Masspoint also features an easy to use API allowing service providers to easily integrate their services and applications with Masspoint and thus being able to benefit from the central account management and single sign on facilities it offers.

The API works by providing a local Masspoint database for each service provider where details are fully encrypted and owned and accessible only by the software provider. This local database allows for direct communication between Masspoint and the third party service provider or application and this facilitates the single sign on abilities of Masspoint.

The kickstarter project has been set up by the founders of Masspoint in order to further fund the development of the Masspoint application and to take it from the prototype stage right through to frontend development, user testing and eventual launch in May 2016.

In return for helping to fund Masspoint there are various packages available ranging from 1 month of premium access to the application once it launches up to early API access and partnership options for high level investors.

If you are interested in Masspoint and helping to fund the development and launch please visit the kickstarter page here.