Broadband internet is turning into a necessity these days. Anything from streaming the latest TV series to working on a document together with colleagues is much easier when you have good broadband internet connection. While you can’t really speed up a broadband connection once it is installed, there are ways you can get the most for your money. We are going to review some of the tips you can try in this article.

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Survey the Neighbourhood

The first step to take when you’re trying to figure out if your existing broadband connection is good enough – or when you want to find the right broadband service to install – is surveying the neighbourhood. It is actually very easy to check the best broadband services in your area. Tools such as StreetStats are making the process of comparing broadband speed very straightforward.

You can also use web applications such as to measure the speed and quality of your existing broadband connection for comparison. Next, compare the speed information you get using these tools with the packages you can actually purchase from different service providers. You will be able to see if the promised speed – and the price you pay for it – matches the actual speed.

If your actual broadband speed is much lower than the result of your speed test and there are providers with better speed in the area, switching providers is a good move to make. Thanks to today’s competitive market, you can also find discounts and special offers on new broadband packages.

Ask Questions and Get Help

There are a lot of factors that influence the speed of your internet connection. The quality of your router and access point, the distance between your place to the nearest hub, and even the quality of cables used to connect devices can all affect your internet connection speed. To make sure you get the best possible broadband quality, you can actually have the service provider optimize everything for you.

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Check with the broadband contact directory to find the number of your service provider. Ask for a technician to do checks and mention how the actual speed based on your test is lower than the advertised speed. When the technicians come for the inspection, have them do speed tests as they optimize your broadband connection.

Check Your Devices Too

There are also simple steps you can take immediately if you want to enjoy a better, faster broadband connection. First, check to see if your internet browser is up to date. If you’re using Wi-Fi to connect to the router or access point, repositioning the antenna to change its polarity and changing the location of the access point can also help improve your connection speed and quality.

One last thing to try is connecting your computer to the router directly using a LAN cable. This will give you a good idea of whether the wireless access point is hampering your broadband connection. This, and the previous tips we’ve covered in this article, will help you get the most broadband connection for your money.