There is no doubt that technology is a longstanding friend of the workplace – it has certainly changed the way in which almost all companies operate and has allowed business to increase their efficiency exponentially over the past decade.

As new technologies are introduced business can become more efficient as well as gaining more and more insight into the day to day operations of the business thanks to technologies such as big data.

Technology, and specifically the Internet, have also allowed businesses to operate seamlessly across much greater distances – companies that have multiple office locations can easily communicate with each other and can be working from the same platform even when those locations are distributed around the world.

In fact technology has had such a big effect on the way that businesses work in terms of physical locations that the physical boundaries of the workplace are beginning to disappear.

Once upon a time if you wanted to work for a company then you had to be within the vicinity of that company – this could often involve moving to a new location in order to take on the role and it could often make working for that company impossible.

Technology is so good today that this is no longer the case – many companies now employ homeworkers from locations all around the world and can have a full time employee working for them that never has to come in to the office physically.

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Even training can take place over the Internet now which means that the restrictions on entering new workplaces are also no longer relevant. There is a great article on this technology watch website that provides a great example of how you can receive online training for a medical career and this highlights perfectly the way that technology has reduced if not completely removed the physical boundaries that used to exist in the workplace.

So if you are looking to break in to a new sector then you can get the best training that the world has to offer, no matter where you are situated, and then you can look for a job anywhere in the world meaning that you have almost no barriers to entry regardless of what career you are looking for.

The technology that makes all of this possible is certainly not new but the adoption of the technology within business is a relatively new concept but one which is growing rapidly. It is very likely that over the next decade the percentage of office based workers will go down substantially and will be replaced by employees that work remotely – whether that be just down the road or over the other side of the world.