A managed service provider or MSP is an outside company whose services you employ to take care of specific areas of your business so that your internal workforce costs can be lowered and also to ensure that you are not overstretching the staff that you do employ, in terms of their skill set and available time.

When it comes down to it, outsourcing key areas of your business operations to experienced MSPs makes perfect sense because it allows the business to focus all of its resources on what it does best whilst ensuring that every other aspect of the business is still being managed by competent professionals.

This model is one of the most efficient ways in which a business can grow as it provides the business with all of the benefits that you would associate with an in-house IT team whilst avoiding most of the costs, training requirements and other pitfalls that would normally be associated with one.

As well as the obvious advantages there are other benefits that you can gain from taking on MSPs.

Specialist Technicians

With MSPs you are employing a company of professionals that are dedicated to a specific area of operations – this means rather than having a member of staff who may be proficient in many different areas and cover a broad range of tasks at mid-level you will get specialist technicians whose experience and skillsets centre on a particular area and so tend to have much more experience, skills and knowledge of the tasks that they undertake on behalf of your company.

Strong vendor relationships

Another key advantage of MSPs is the fact that they have huge economies of scale within their specialist industry – due to the fact that they have many clients they have far greater buying power, inside knowledge and industry contacts compared to an individual company in the same position.

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This not only allows MSPs to broker better and stronger deals with vendors but also means they are privy to knowledge and contacts that cannot be easily obtained through staff training.

Industry experience

Because MSPs work alongside many different companies throughout the industry they tend to have a huge amount of practical experience in the area that they specialise in – this means that first time mistakes simply don’t get made and also new and improved practices can be adopted and implemented at an accelerated rate compared to a standalone company who has to go through R&D, implementation testing and so on.

Best practices

Because MSPs are focusing on a specific niche all of their technicians can be constantly trained on best practices and also quality controls can be put in place to ensure that these best practices are always being adhered to.

This not only stops mistakes from being made but also ensures that maximum efficiency is always being achieved due to tasks being carried out as per industry tested procedures.