Nowadays, Murphy Ben International is constantly upgrading their technology and keeping up with today’s technology. What they have learnt recently is the SEO training. There are quite a lot of things to learn during SEO training and this consists of the domain factors, whoIs, tld extensions, content, and the importance of the mobile Internet as well.  To start, Murphy Ben International first learned about domain factors when they started their online company. Certain factors like the domain age, keywords appear in the top level domain, keywords in the first word in a domain, domain registration length and a keyword in the subdomain length is everything that the company learnt on domain An old domain and a new one doesn’t have much of a difference at all. Keywords such as exact match are still better. If your domain starts with the target keyword, this gives you an edge over others. The keyword does not appear in the subdomain name anymore. You have an option to have your whois set to public or private, which is relatively unusual. If you want your site to rank higher for a particular country, then having the TLD extension in your desired country code is important to do.


Murphy Ben International has also taught the employees of the company how to be on top and this is by constantly updating and having new content. For example with YouTube, if there were no new content such as music and music videos then they wouldn’t be the number one YouTube channel in Lagos, Nigeria. It is important for Murphy Ben International to constantly keep them updated with the new technology and has different social signals in order to boost their popularity. Nowadays there are so many individuals who use their mobile devices to search the Internet therefore having a mobile optimized website. If you as a company cant keep up with the modern day technology then you aren’t doing it right. Murphy Ben International has succeeded with their growth in business and on the online technology world because YouTube is the world’s largest entertainment destination and being recognized as the top YouTube channel in Africa, specifically Lagos, Nigeria is a huge plus since there is a +1000MM global audience today on YouTube itself.


As long as Murphy Ben International can keep up with mobile networks and be able to constantly have new content, such as music and videos, then they will succeed as an online company just like they have been for the last few years.