Logistics Network Plus are a very interesting company because they have taken a service that is traditionally very labor intensive and combined it with modern cloud based technology thanks to their bespoke online management system.

The reason this is so interesting is that logistics is traditionally not an industry that makes good use of technology – a lot of the processes involved are manual and will always be manual and therefor its not an obvious industry to employ a lot of modern technologies.

Having said that, this is changing in recent times due to the way in which online retailers have blossomed and in fact the way that the retail industry in general have begun to employ modern technologies – because retailers are now making use of cloud based management systems, online sales systems and order management portals there is a need to have all of these systems integrate with the logistics operations.

That is where Logistics Network Plus really excel – they have a fully featured logistics process that can handle everything from accepting the orders to packaging the products and right through to the delivery of goods to the end user. And this service is made even more interesting because the entire operation is backed by their bespoke cloud based management software which can in term integrate with your existing software systems.

This allows clients of Logistics Networks Plus to take up the services offered and slot everything in to their existing systems. The benefits of this include:

  • No additional training required for staff
  • No additional software required
  • No expensive process of moving from one system to another
  • Far less room for error seeing as everything is automated
  • Lower costs due to lower labour requirements

Using Logistics Networks Plus LLC every part of your logistics can be taken care of

On demand logistics

Only pay for what you use – flexible monthly pricing allows you to scale your logistics operations along with your business requirements.

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Regular packaging

Loading and unloading services offered by Logistics Networks Plus includes the packaging of your goods taking away yet another step in the transport process and ultimately freeing up your resources.

Product return procedure

Even the product returns can be handled directly by Logistics Networks Plus so that you as the client can be completely removed from the entire logistics process from packaging, shipping and even returns management.

International transportation

All of the warehouses managed by Logistics Networks Plus offer international transportation through a wide variety of transportation options which means that however far your business reaches Logistics networks Plus are there to support all of the logistical requirements.

Cloud based software

Fully manageable services are made possible by state of the art cloud based software which means that you can integrate the services offered by Logistics Networks Plus straight in to your existing business processes. Having a cloud based portal keeps everything stream lined.

For more information on the services offered by Logistics Networks Plus visit the website at logisticsnetworkplus.com.