android_note3_route_editing_1Vector marine charts

i-Boating, one of the most downloaded marine navigation app and a popular destination website for fishing maps, includes advanced features found in high end plotters. In this tutorial I discuss how to use it for route editing

Creating routes manually

  • Tap on menu/overflow button (on lower right for iPhone, Its top right on Android) and select “New Route”
  • This would show show route editing controls at the top. The route editing control is initially in pan mode.
  • Tapping on the center button(it looks like ad directed route) would switch it to route creation mode.
  • Tap on “New Point” to drop a route point that you would follow in succession. (Some people like to call it as way point). If you want to create a point that is not exactly on route but a navigation aid, use “DropMarker/Pin” (second button from left).
  • When you are done creating the route, tap on “Save Button” to save route

iphone6plus_route_editingExport Routes

You can export any routes as compressed GPX files.

  • Tap on Route Manager in the action bar.
  • For Recorded Tracks tap on your Recorded Tracks -> Days -> Select specific tracks.
  • Tap menu/overflow button on top right and select “Share”.

Import GPX Files

  • To import compressed GPX files, just tap on the email attachment and select open in “i-Boating”.
  • To import from SDCard tap on Route Manager -> Import GPX….

Edit/Move Existing Route Point

Tap on the point you wish to move/edit. This will show a context menu with following options:

  • Move
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Add point prior
  • Add point after