bidable logoBidable is a self service advertising platform that employs real time bidding (RTB) technology and targets small to medium sized businesses.

The platform enables businesses to “bid” on advertising space in real time which means that you get highly targeted advertising space across a wide spectrum of niche related websites and at the correct price.

This is achieved by advanced algorithms working behind the scenes to calculate the exact price of each advertising spot and then tailor those spots specifically to each clients site within the advertising portal.

The concept creates a cross between traditional media buying platforms and Google Adwords pay per click and means that businesses can advertise on the best websites at the right price rather than blindly over-paying for space that doesn’t end up converting as expected.

Self Service RTB

Bidable is based on a real time bidding platform that up until now has only been available to companies with extremely large advertising budgets.

The introduction of RTB has changed the way that display and banner advertising works and allows for the advertisers to have much greater control over advertising inventory and where it is placed on a real time basis.

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Programmatic Buying

Part of the Bidable advertising platform includes programmatic buying that allows you, as the advertiser, to purchase advertising space with audience granularity. Rather than simply purchasing banner space on selected websites and hoping that the ad receives the right traffic and attention you can actually target a specific audience, user base and device type with your adverts.

This means that you are actually paying to reach your specific target audience rather than just for traditional ad space.

Brand Safe Inventory

All publisher websites accepted into the Bidable system undergo rigorous quality guidelines which means that all of the websites within the inventory are brand safe, trusted and high quality.

Real-time Reporting

The Bidable system also offers real time reporting and analytics so that you can easily get an in depth view of your advertising efforts in terms of campaign effectiveness, click through rate and so on.

These analytics make it easy to split test various different campaign metrics thus enabling you to fine tune every aspect of your advertising strategy until it is converting just as you want it to.

Setting up your first Bidable advertising Campaign

Getting started with Bidable is very easy. After creating your account you will be given access to the backend advertising platform where you can set up your first campaign.

When configuring your campaign you can chose your daily budget, as well as your bidding strategy which is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each ad impression.

You can also configure display times for your campaign, depending on your target audience, and frequency capping to limit how many ad impressions a consumer will see in any 24 hour period.

Once the campaign is set up you can monitor traffic and conversions from the main dashboard and any fine tuning can be carried out based on the results.