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Marketing your website is just as important as any other area of marketing – in fact it is crucial if you want to be heard online. You could have the best website, the best content and the best products or services in the world but without any marketing they would likely go unnoticed in the swathe or online resources that you are inevitably competing with.

Content marketing and search engine optimization are the key components that you need to use in conjunction with publishing great content on your website. There are many different ways in which these marketing strategies can be implemented and while doing it the wrong way can slowly destroy your website doing it the right way can put you in front of a monumental audience.

Putting your content together

There is a very well-known saying – content is king – There is also much debate about the truth in this saying – some would argue that it is very true and that content is the most important part of your online marketing efforts and others would argue that content is nothing without SEO.

Content Strategy

Well, both sides of the argument contain some truth and the reality is this: Content is extremely important and it really makes for the foundation in your online marketing efforts. Without great content every single stage leading on from it will be far more difficult to excel in.

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For this reason having great content to begin with is essential. Buzz sumo is a great place to start researching your potential content ideas – this site lets you find the most talked about and successful articles that are already in existence for your niche and this research can form the basis of your content plan and help you to choose a hot topic to write about.

When putting your content together the more research you do the better – get plenty of facts and also mention industry influencers – these two things will help your article to really stand out whilst also increasing the chances of it getting mentioned and talked about within your niche.

Don’t just write your article and then click on publish when you finish the last sentence – you should write at least a couple of revisions of your article because its ready to publish – this helps to ensure that the finished piece is perfect for your intended audience.

Sharing your content with the community

Rather than just publishing your finished article and hoping for the best it is a good idea to really throw your content out there once it’s published. Don’t be afraid to get involved in your community and to let them all know about the great article you have just written. This can be achieved via industry forums, related websites and in particular all of the social media channels that are popular within your niche.

Building some high quality backlinks

At this stage you should have created a nice little platform for your content – you have a great article that is worth reading and the community that makes up your niche knows all about it.

Notepad with word seo concept and glasses

Now is the point where you want the content to go viral – you want everyone who even thinks about this topic to end up reading your article. This is where the key component of Seo comes in – link building.

There are plenty of shady link building methods out there that should be ignored, instead what you want to build are extremely high quality backlinks such as links on authority websites and other popular websites in your niche.


The advantage of building these types of links is twofold – on the one hand these powerful links will confirm to Google that your website and article are authorities on the subject matter that you are writing about – this will put you at the top of search results for queries relating to that subject and thus bring you more visitors. The second advantage is that having links from niche related and/or authority websites will also bring traffic to your article direct from those sites. Websites such as Wikipedia have huge traffic numbers and even if a small percentage of visitors to the page containing your link visit your site that is extremely targeted traffic that you can benefit from.

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Building these types of links to your article slowly and steadily is really the last piece in the puzzle that will bring huge success to your online marketing efforts whilst also keeping your website 100% safe from any sort of penalty that lower quality links might attract.

Rinse and repeat this method for each and every article that you publish on your site and you will have a successful website in no time at all.