Video Marketing is a brilliant way of making your product available to the millions and Explainer Video is an effective means of doing the same. It is a short animated video used to introduce any product, company, project or anything. These are made short of around one to three minutes in order to be specific.

Our brain is always designed to absorb more information through audio-visual methods because we can naturally retain more information if one of the senses is engaged. Thus, when the viewer watches the video he is more likely to remember rather than when just reading a text description.

Explainer videos aimed at increasing the understanding of the viewer and converting the viewer into customers. Brands use it to introduce a product or service in a memorable way. The video works very well for companies like Twitter which provides services that may be very hard to describe in a clear way.

In 2007, Common Craft created an explainer video on the usage of social media platform Twitter. The video gained nearly 10 million views and people understood how they could use the site owing the simple graphics and straightforward language of the video. Since then the Explainer videos gain popularity resulting in thousand of big and small businesses incorporating short and compelling videos.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

  • The videos allow grabbing the attention of the audience through moving images and animation.
  • The video highlights the benefits of the product and thus consumers make purchases based on the benefits instead of features of the product.
  • Videos can be used on any social media site as an email signature or anything else. Having this tool helps to reach more people without asking them to visit the website.
  • The videos not only explain the ideas but also bring focus and attention to make an idea which is easy to understand.
  • Many brands have gained popularity through explainer videos. For eg. Apple IOS5, Dove, Old Spice and many others

Creation of an Explainer Video

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There are several stages involved in the video production. The process initiates with research and then the story creation on the basis of the script. All the scenes in the story are shown with movements, explaining each action in detail. The third stage is the creation of video with an audio and finally the animation takes place with voice over.

So it does not matter whether your company is a brand that has a name or just a small start-up, explainer videos can increase the potential of what the company has to offer.