search-engine-optimization-575032_640When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization there is often a lot of distrust and a lot of scepticism. The reality is there are a lot of pitfalls within the SEO industry.

There are many SEO providers out there that will employ tactics and strategies to rank websites that don’t necessarily comply with Google guidelines – and Google being the biggest search engine on the market, that’s a pretty big problem if you happen to take up the services of these types of companies.

Based on the assumption that whoever can put you at number 1 on Googles front page is the best company to go with, businesses looking for an SEO provider will often Google “Seo services in area” and then pick the top result, thinking that they must be the best one.

Unfortunately that is not always the case – the top results are often there by using underhand means, one of the most common ones being to put hidden footer links onto all of their existing clients websites – these links help the provider to get to number 1 off the back, and to the determent of, all of their paying clients.

Search Engine Optimization is about more than just getting to number 1 as fast as possible. It is rather an extension of your marketing efforts and should be handled in a wholesome way. When done correctly SEO has many components that will all compliment your overall marketing strategy in many different ways and each element of the SEO campaign on its own will have its own uplifting effect.

On page Optimization

website-647013_640The first step in a solid SEO campaign is the on page optimization of your existing website. This phase is in place to make sure that your website is actually offering what you are trying to rank for and more importantly that it is optimized to reflect that clearly to Google.

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This stage is like the foundations when building a house; it must be spot on or else none of the other stages are going to hold up.

Content Building

Content building and management is key to a good SEO campaign. It isn’t just about chucking articles out there in the form of guest posts but it is about managing and building content in every area of your online infrastructure.

This includes editing and adding to the content on your website, getting involved in community forums and discussion groups and also posting valuable content on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Content building is something that is often left out by SEO companies who think it is nothing to do with them, but in order to have a successful SEO campaign the creation of valuable content is crucial.

Social Media

Social media in itself is hugely important to any SEO campaign.


Not only does Google take into account the social presence of a website when it decides how to rank it, but social media is also one of the most popular means of online communication and as such not having a social presence is a huge mistake for any business as it can drive highly targeted and substantial traffic to your existing website.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO, the most important part right? No, in fact that is why we mentioned it last. Of course it does have a major say in whether your website will actually rank for your keywords, but your off page strategy is only ever as good as all of the other components that have proceeded it in this article.

If you don’t have your on page SEO perfect, great content being produced regularly and a solid presence on social platforms then off page SEO is just not going to have the same effect.

Get all of these components spot on and you are going to have a great time ranking on Google and be miles ahead of the competition.

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What to look for in an SEO provider

seo-592747_640When you are looking for an SEO provider you need to consider all of the things in this article. Try to find out about the provider, read through their website and see if they take all of these points into consideration and make sure they are not simply going to fire hundreds of links at your website and hope that it ranks.

A great example of this is reputable SEO consultant Sydney based Content SME. They provide a comprehensive suite of SEO services to businesses in and around Sydney including all of the components that we have mentioned above.

They also provide website design services which complement any SEO strategy perfectly as the core of SEO is all about building your presence and constantly bettering your website so constantly evaluating design and UX is crucial.