If you’re a marketer, it’s vital to maintain your contact lists by adding fresh email addresses regularly. Without fresh contacts, your email marketing campaigns are at risk of being much less effective.

Your goal is to keep your numbers moving towards the positive side, not the negative side. Don’t buy an email list to keep them fresh. You can easily build your email marketing list and keep those fresh leads coming in regularly using these tips.

Simple Ways to Build Your Email Marketing Database

  • Content – Create unique and engaging content that makes people want to subscribe and maintain their subscription. Keep up with your content and create new and various types of content to keep your list engaged. Create a new lead generation offer via eBook or whitepaper and require an email from your visitor to download it. Free tools and resources also garner new email lead generation.
  • Share – Use social sharing buttons and the ‘email to a friend’ option to encourage your subscribers to forward your emails. Share and promote offers on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Promote – Special promotions like contests and free giveaways get attention. Share your promos on social media. If you don’t have a LinkedIn or Facebook page or Instagram business account; make one. Always send them to a unique landing page with a call-to-action (CTA) button and then a thank you page when they accept your offer. Pinterest is good for promoting offers. Don’t forget about YouTube.
  • Subscriptions – Make a variety of targeted email subscription types that will improve your chances of getting more subscribers. Besides using a landing page, you can also use your website to capture email signups (Fred Harrington’s blog has tips for this). Just don’t make them go look for it. You can do the same on your blog and on guest blog posts.
  • Rejuvenate – Create an email campaign with an opt-in for your older lists to encourage them to return to your site and give them an opt-out option so you can remove them to keep your list fresh.

Besides these simple ways to increase your email contact list, you should also consider partnering with other businesses and website owners on campaigns, collect email addresses at trade shows, conferences, and other events, host a webinar, or add a QR code to print marketing that can be scanned by smartphones or tablets.

These tips can be used starting today and you can begin the journey of boosting your fresh email marketing leads right away. Most of these tips are easy to implement and are effective at growing your leads.