There are many different aspects of marketing but they all involve the requirement for a business to communicate with its customer base – weather that be existing customers or potential customers.

Whilst there are many communication lines available for this interaction such as email, social media and physical mail there are none quite as effective as SMS marketing.

the reason that SMS marketing is so attractive revolves around the direct contact that can be made as well as the speed with which the message can be delivered to both existing and potential customers.

To put the speed element into perspective, around 97.5% of all SMS messages are read within 5 seconds – this really is impressive and means that when you need to communicate with your audience you can do so effectively and within a very small time frame when required.

SMS marketing is often much more direct than similar communication methods such as email – for example the average response rate from SMS is around 28% compared to that of direct email which is around 2.6%.

Part of the reason for this is the fact that email marketing is very much saturated – the average user’s mailbox is filled with marketing emails on a daily basis where as SMS in boxes are not flooded with the same level of marketing messages and because of this it is a much more trusted medium from a user perspective.

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Of course these different methods of marketing can also be combined as each do have their own advantages – the clear advantage of SMS marketing is the ability to grab a users attention immediately – perhaps a short SMS message to grab the users attention followed by a link to your business website or a follow up email with more information.

The great thing about SMS marketing is the fact that it is so easy to get involved in thanks to online SMS marketing providers such as Collstream who offer an online platform for sending SMS marketing messages are can provide these services on a contract or pay as you go basis.

With Collstream in particular there are many different ways in which the SMS marketing campaign can be managed including directly through the online portal as well as through their API system which can be accessed from bespoke software where necessary.  In fact Collstream can work directly with individual clients to tailor there services based on each scenario meaning that the right platform is always available to its clients.

Once you have the platform up and running its simply a case of importing your mobile contact list and then building and sending your campaign as desired.

Once you have everything set up its easy to send out communications via SMS at the click of a button and you will then have an immense marketing tool at your fingertips which will enable you to communicate with your audience on a wide scale and literally within a couple of seconds – perhaps this method of marketing is even more direct and real time than the likes of social media and this explains why the take up of SMS has been so well received by marketing departments over the last few years.