Its no big secret that mobile technology is coming on in leaps and bounds and it is most definitely becoming the preferred choice for online communications over the desktop and the laptop.

In a recent article published on the popular technology site it was noted that in 2014 mobile Internet browsing took over from desktop browsing in the US for the first time.

This is no small fact and really shows the trend towards the use of mobile when browsing the Internet. When you think about it, its actually very easy to understand this trend in mobile device use – with todays fast pace of life the average person is on the move all day – whether it is commuting to and from work, visiting friends or simply traveling to different locations the world is constantly on the move.

Journeys that were once deemed as long haul are now common place and this means that in order to stay connected to the work you must be connected to the Internet via your mobile phone or tablet.

Web Apps vs Mobile Apps

This trend in smart phone Internet access has lead to an increase in web apps – websites that are tailored specifically to suit mobile device and tablet viewing – adopting a compact style whilst also creating the smooth transitional effect of using an app. These web apps are great because they allow businesses to harness the power of their current website or platform for mobile cheaply and quickly.

However as more and more services and being offered via the Internet and also more and more devices and “things” are being connected together via the Internet – a concept dubbed the Internet of Things – web apps just don’t cut it any more.

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To really capture your mobile audience you need to be deploying native apps – not only are these applications faster and more responsive to the users needs they are also far more powerful and are capable of connecting with a range of other services and also linking into existing infrastructure in a way that websites cannot.

Outsourcing Mobile App development

Developing mobile applications in house can be extremely time consuming and expensive and despite this the end result can often be disappointing in terms of functionality and durability.

The fact is that mobile application development is very labor intensive and requires great skill and expertise to be done to the high standard demanded by todays Internet users.

Braekits – Mobile Application Development

Braekits are a mobile application development firm made up from a team of 9 designers, developers and project managers who all share a single vision – to create the best applications that the mobile app market has seen.

Established in 2010, the team have roots in enterprise security systems development with several members coming over from Samsung’s standard security program Maxigent and others coming from a range of design and development roles in similar sectors.

Since their launch the company have planned, designed and built hundreds of mobiles apps for use on iOS and android devices and have had their apps selected for Apple’s app of hte week on numerous occasions as well as having recorded #1 sales in South Korea’s domestic mobile apps market.

Some of the applications developed by Braekits include:

  • Look – family safety and tracking app
  • Kia Soul EV – Showcase app for the Kia Soul EV 100% electric car
  • Flava – private diary / notes app

One of the key points that sets Braekits apart from their competition is their passion for developing mobile applications to the highest possible standard which they achieve through refined development process that consists of several stages and ensures that every mobile application project that the company takes on is taken along the correct path and is nurtured and molded before being turned into the finished product.

If you would like more information on the process behind mobile application development at Braekits or to discuss a potential project or idea you can get in touch with the team here.


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