Teleporting Apps allows you to drag your live apps from one device to another with ease.

Teleporting Apps is a revolutionary new innovation in mobile technology – a first of its kinds, live app moving solution!

Before Teleporting Apps, moving your work (be it a game, presentation, social media app, or any other app) from one device to another was either impossible or complex. The only way to do so was the limited solution of saving your work to a file and transferring it through Cloud storage, emailing yourself or transferring saved files via a cable to the destination device and then you could open the files after you installed the application. This was very long and time consuming process and required Internet connection to access the cloud or intermediary USB or cable to transfer the files; and not to mention the long process of managing and installing apps on multiple devices. Teleporting Apps makes everything simple and brings a new, wireless, and completely accessible solution to users. It wirelessly transfers the entire live-app and its dependencies from one device to the other and users can continue their work on other device with no hassle. It removes need of manually installing apps or transferring files between devices and makes everything as simple as touch of devices.

What Is Teleporting Apps

Teleporting Apps is a mobile technology that is used for the function for transferring live apps from one device to another, such as moving from a smartphone to a tablet, tablet to TV, smartwatch to desktop, etc.

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Teleporting Apps works just like pausing a live app, transferring it to a new device in a matter of seconds, and resuming from where you left off. This provides endless opportunities for all kinds of mobile users such as business executives, gamers, employees, and even regular individuals. There are no limits with Teleporting Apps – users can transfer their live app to another device for any purpose, be it for work purposes or because their current device is running low on battery!

How It Works

Teleporting Apps became possible through Xigrom’s Container++ application virtualization and Next Gen SDN technologies.

Container++ makes applications portable, it makes them independent from the underlying operating system and to be dismounted from one device and sent across to the other device and to be mounted again. Next Gen SDN creates an on demand secure wireless channel between devices without any need for an active controller in the middle.  (Watch how it works video ‘here’)

The specialty of Teleporting Apps is that it is not streaming or saving and reopening files, it is a true live-app transfer. It transfers the entire live-app from one device to the other while maintaining the status of the application during transfer. This way, users do not need to install apps on multiple devices or save, transfer and open files between devices and navigate to where they were before. Users do not experience any interruptions in their work after transfer and can immediately continue their work on the destination device from exactly where they left off. Teleporting Apps can transfer apps via:

Wormhole Transfer

This is the easiest, fastest way of transferring apps! All users have to do is to touch two devices together and drag the desired app to the wormhole appeared on the screen. The rest will be taken care of by Container++ and NgSDN algorithms.

wormhole illustrations_image1

Touching two devices together will automatically trigger NgSDN algorithm process that uses NFC modules to negotiate the initial connection parameters between the two devices. Using these negotiated parameters, a secure Wi-Fi channel will be created between the devices and used to send the app across. All this happens automatically behind the scene without user interaction or engagement.

                Dialer Transfer

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With Dialer Transfer, people can transfer their apps from one part of the world to another if they want! The Dialer Transfer utilizes phone number or device ID to transfer the app. All users have to do is enter the number into the Dialer Transfer option and the app is sent there easily!

                Smartwatch Transfer

For those who own smartwatches, Teleporting Apps is more convenient than ever! All they have to do is virtually store their live app into their smartwatch and they can transfer it to any other device(s), anywhere they go, any time they want. This way, your live apps can also go with you on the go, on your wrist and ready to be used as soon as you need them on another device.


Teleporting Apps comes with a variety of additional features that truly make the technology revolutionary. These features include:

Cloning Apps

Teleporting or transferring your app from one device to another is not the only solution with Teleporting Apps! Users can choose to Clone apps too, sending exact replicas of their live app to another device or numerous other devices!

                Management Web Portal

Management Web Portal acts as a dashboard for you to control and manage your teleported or cloned apps. Users can use Call Back Application TM available within the Portal to self-destruct or pull back any app they accidentally sent to the wrong device.

                Privacy and Data Security

The Management Web Portal also allows you to review and manage your app and data privacy. Users can manage and control apps and files and also set specific rules to limit access to their data, effectively keeping their data secure.

Smart Files

 To assist your convenience and functionality with Teleporting Apps, Smart Files ensure users’ files will be sent across to the other device along with the teleporting Apps. This ensures data accessibility, application stability and provides the best user experience.


                For Businesses:

  • Reduce cost by effective resource utilization
  • Better connectivity between work members
  • Easy presentation broadcasts; Business executives and owners can transmit their ideas and presentations to audiences by sending limited access apps to end users
  • Saved time by easy transfer or cloning of apps
  • Increased productivity via enhanced business processes

                For Individuals:

  • Convenient access to their work files from home to office
  • Easy sharing or transfer of apps from one place to another for entertainment and miscellaneous purposes
  • Gamers can enjoy continuous play by transferring gaming apps to devices with higher battery percentages, better CPU, etc.

The possibilities are endless when you have a technology such as Teleporting Apps. Our goal is to make Teleporting Apps available across all common platforms, operating systems, and can even be used to transfer some apps to non-mobile devices like desktops and TVs.