Your phone is not only useful for browsing through social media. It is a perfect tool you could use to find jobs and opportunities that will make your life better. There are many applications that you could consider that allow you to apply for different openings in the market. 72% of respondents use their mobile phones when looking for jobs, and the application procedure is not different from what you have to go through while using your computer.

Here are some tips you would find useful if you want to apply for jobs using your mobile phone.

Install apps

The first step is to hunt for the best job search apps for tablets and smartphones. Also ensure that you have a good phone with a powerful processor and enough storage in case you have to attach files. You can get one on a discount using coupons purchases. Once you have installed the apps, you are able to apply right away or even bookmark the jobs you are interested in that you can apply later when you have all the materials required. You could use your search apps to find the jobs so as to apply on your computer because this ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities you could exploit.

Email yourself job listings

After you have come across postings, to ensure you don’t lose the information, you can copy the job then email it to yourself. Many job search apps come with this functionality in-built, so it will just be a matter of specifying where to send the job. With the job in your email, you can then open it on your computer where you can process the application more comfortably.

Receive notifications and alerts

Instead of manually searching for jobs, you can specify the areas you would prefer to be notified about when new jobs are posted. Many job sites allow you to sign up for email or text notifications so when new jobs are posted you are alerted. This will allow you to send your applications among the earliest applicants, which raises your chances of getting considered. However, don’t activate this feature on many sites unless you are ready to receive hundreds of notifications, most of which you will not be able to see.

Use your phone for networking

These days, networking comes with a great deal of value and you can find many resources that will help you to locate people who would invite you to the right places. Sites like LinkedIn offer you an opportunity that you can utilize to find new opportunities. Also contribute to topics in your niche to position yourself as an authority. Update your profile and learn about companies you would like to join.

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Applying for a job should not always be a tedious process. You can use your phone to locate jobs at different companies. Install different job search apps that help you to see new openings in your industry. Many job listing sites have apps for the same purpose, so take advantage of this technology. Also build your profile on professional sites like LinkedIn and this could be part of your effort to build useful networks.