Video production is only as good as the gadgets used. It being a captivating and fascinating art, it is crucial that videographers used the most advanced and up to date gadgets for the best outcome. The gadgets used during video production not only make the work more manageable for the videographers but also enhances creativity and innovation. Some of the crucial gadgets you need to start a videography business include:

  1. Video camera

The video camera is the essences and the centerpiece of video production. Among the best camera in this digital and technologically awaken society is the Panasonic 3D Full HD camera recorder. It has a P2 Pro twin lens with a 3D full Camcorder which has a high definition plasma. Most videographers experience a restrictive 3D shooting, but with the Panasonic 3D, it guarantees clarity and compact shapes of videos.

Also, the Go Pro is among the best cameras when shooting videos for commerce videography such as the YouTube bloggers. The camera has incredible features such as being waterproof, shockproof and mountable and it’s affordable. The Go Pro has technologically advanced features with quality optics.

  1. Tripod

A tripod is necessary to ensure the footage is stable and give a sense of professionalism. The best kind of tripods is one with a fluid head. The Barber Tech Steddiepod is an incredible pod that combines the functions of a monopod, camera stabilizer, tripod and even a doggie. Therefore, the Steddiepod ensures maximum camera stability.Apart from that, it has a spring which has had a fluid head, which allows its built-in level ball to tilt and gives room for the legs to twist and easy to transport due to its ability to be folded.

  1. Flash bag

Lighting from the camera is essential in capturing clear images and fill in ugly shadows. The bag is mainly used to reflect light, but it can achieve so much more. This includes the ability to organize the camera gear with removable Velcro dividers. The flash bag aims to get clear and compact images and videos when filming of video production.

  1. Microphones

The difference between professionals and the amateurs is determined by the sound quality in videos. The sound is vital in any video or film production. Depending with the sage of the microphones, one must choose most suitable. The Shotgun microphones are used to capture the surrounding sounds, the dialogue of the shooting scene. They are thorough in also capturing the foley sounds and ambient room tone of the shooting scene.

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  1. Shock mounts

Microphones tend to be sensitive to vibrations, rattles and bumping sounds that are destructive. The modern microphones are designed with an extended low-end bass frequency that tends to rumble during the recording process.

The most appropriate gadget is the shock mounts which contains an elastic suspension, which is built in to match the mass of the particular microphone. The shock mounts give the receiver the edge in offering an optimal rumble protection, delivering excellent sound quality.

Videography is an art, dependable on technological gadgets that are bound to make the experience fun and to fulfill. Using the most technologically advanced device allows the shooting process less tedious, but most of all give a professional touch to this creative and innovative art.