In a world where everything is moving to digital mediums the publishing industry is one that has managed to stand fast.

Despite the popularity of digital media and the fact that the entire world news, amongst many other things, can be discovered and read online traditional publishing techniques manage to live alongside this relatively new digital medium.

This will probably remain the case for many years to come because while reading articles, news and even books from digital devices such as PCs, laptops and kindles is convenient and space efficient, sometimes people just like to have a physical newspaper or a real bound book in front of them to keep their attention.

This coexistence of the digital and physical publishing world can also be replicated on an individual publisher level thanks to a great service provided by a company called Turn-Page.

Turn-page offer a digital publishing solution to traditional publishing firms that will work perfectly along side their existing publishing methods.

The basic concept behind this service is that any published document – whether it is a book, magazine or newspaper can be replicated online whilst still giving the end user the same experience of reading a physical publication due to the clever page-turn graphics that are used.

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There are several demo publications available on the site here.

The benefit to publishers of using Turn-Page software is that they can leverage the power of digital publishing and cater for a massive client base who prefer to read material in digital form whilst also continuing to service their existing clients that perhaps prefer physical publications.

Turn-Page also leverage many features that are exclusive to online publications. The animated page-turn technology makes reading the publication online very similar in nature to reading a book.

Turn-page also offer fully responsive design technology enabling the digital publications to be read on a desktop or laptop computer but also on mobile and tablet devices such as Apple iPhone and many others.

The technology behind the digital publications is also fully optimized for the search engines and allows all of the content produced within each publication to be indexed by Google the same as any other web content.

This is really a key point and an avenue for publishing houses to take advantage of the massive traffic volumes that can be procured from Google and other search engines with valuable digitized content being indexed by them and presented to their user base.


Another crucial feature of the Turn-Page digital publication technology is the ability to collect user data and thus analyze the response to any publication in great detail.

The software also allows for social interaction with the digital publications using popular social media buttons and also for the building of email lists. Email addresses can be captured from users reading the publications and then list management and even campaign sending can be carried out from the turn-page admin interface.

In addition to managing new campaigns resulting from the digital publication itself, users of the software can also import their existing lists in, allowing the sending of marketing email to a user base already in existence.


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