We have previously published several articles on search and how it is quite a bustling niche and whilst it is a very popular and competitive niche, there is room for new companies if they are able to innovate and come up with a unique concept or twist on what is currently available in search.

The Microsoft search engine named Bing have managed to differentiate themselves from Google with their unique design concept and additional features that make there site appealing to visitors.

The trendy “related website” search company SimilarTo have also managed to differentiate themselves and make a name in search by offering a unique service within the search niche which allows them to build brand loyalty and build a community around its engine.

Both of these services demonstrate that whilst Google is unique in its ability to provide targeted results across the entire spectrum of Internet sites, it isn’t the only search engine worth using and there are plenty of other services out there that can provide search facilities in many different ways and manage to compete with Google and often offer something that Google does not.

Niche Search Engines

One thing that we haven’t touched on until now is custom and specialized search engines within the primary search engine niche. There are plenty of providers out there that are targeting a niche within a niche as it were.

This is most definitely a bustling market within search. Whilst Google is no doubt the leader in search as a whole, and lots of other well known search engines provide similar services catering for web search as a whole, niche searches are something that they have traditionally not catered specifically for.

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In fact there is lots of talk on the Internet about how many small niches have trouble being heard on major search engines such as Google.

The main reason for this is that Google are really targeting the larger niches – they are really working to provide what the majority of its users are searching for, and to provide those results in the best way that they can.

When Google are modifying their algorithms, they are likely to be basing those changes – and/or monitoring the results of those changes on the larger niches – the areas where their users are going to be most effected by any changes in algorithm and changes in results.

This means that niche areas on Google are never going to be spot on because they are not monitored so closely.

Some examples of niche areas within search are file search, medical search and law search.

Music Search

live-concert-455762_1280Within the file search niche, one of the most popular types of file search is based around music files and in particular MP3 files which are one of the most common types of compressed music files that are available on the Internet.

Trying to search for music on one of the popular search engines such as Google will typically return thousands and thousands of results – most of which will be websites that are barely related to what you were searching for, if at all, and hardly any of which are likely to consist of actual songs or actual files, which in reality is what you were actually searching for.

Thankfully there is a really cool niche search engine that has been designed specifically for this purpose. The website is called Ultimate Music Finder and is located at the following URL: http://www.download-free-mp3music.com.

The website has a very simple layout, not dissimilar to the sparse design of Google itself.

ultimate music finder

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The simple layout makes the website very easy to use – its immediately clear how the service should be used. All that you need to do is to enter a search term in the input box – as per the website’s instructions this search term can consist of a song title, an artist name or even simply a genre of music.

Once you hit the search button you will be returned a list of results based on your search. The results come up in order of relevance and are retrieved from Soundcloud – the popular music sharing website.

guitar-407114_1280You can see that the search engine is built purely for music search by the format in which the results are returned – each result is listed with a few peices of information – namely song title, author, size and type of file as well as a play button so that you can actually listen to the song that has been returned in the results without even leaving the search engine.

This means that a search on the Ultimate music finder can have you listening to the record that you were after within a few seconds of landing on the website. Compared to the frustration of trying to find a particular song on Google, this really is a breath of fresh air.

Another great feature of the website is that along with each result returned from a particular query, the author of each result always doubles up as a new search – specific to that author.

This is a really cool addition, especially when you are searching for a genre of music or perhaps even a particular song, because it means that you can then click on that author and then have a big list of the other music that they have produced straight away.

Say for example that you search for “rock music”,  you may come across an artist that you really like the sound of, you can then click on their name and see all of the other music that the ultimate music finder returns for them – its a great way to get lost in music and to find some really cool songs that you may never have heard before.

So if there are any songs that you really want to listen to, or perhaps a particular song by an artist that you just cant put your finger on, or maybe you are just interested in finding a new genre of music to listen to or perhaps just want some audible inspiration then visit the Ultimate Music Finder today and you can no doubt find exactly what you are looking for in no time at all.