If you are trying to change some of the settings in your router, or if you have had to reset it to factory defaults or even if you are just setting it up for the first time then you may need to know the default router ip.

In actual fact, finding the default router IP is usually very easy and can be done by following the simple steps below:

Check on the router itself

Quite often the router itself will have a note of the default router IP printed on it physically. This can normally be found on the bottom of the router along with the default username and password. The default router IP will be in the form of four numbers between 1 and 254 each separated by a dot, for example

Check on your computer for assigned networking details

If there is nothing printed on the router itself, then you can normally find the default router IP from a computer that is connected to the router – by cable or by wireless.

There are two ways of doing this, firstly you can look in the status page of the network control panel item.

This can be done by going to control panel (On windows XP: start menu, control panel. On Windows 7 or 8 use the windows search feature and search for “control panel”).

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Then going into network connections, then “change adapter settings” then right clicking on the adapter that is connected to the same network as the router, and clicking status and then details.

finding the default router ip in windows 7

finding the default router ip in windows 7


This should show you several pieces of information and notably the default gateway – the IP address next to this will likely be the default router ip.

Finding the default router ip from command prompt

Sometimes its easier to use the good old command prompt (the black screen that some people refer to as dos). To find the default router IP using the command prompt, simply open it up by clicking on start menu, all programs, accessories, command prompt, or by typing “cmd” into the windows 7 search or windows 8 search facilities.

Once you have the black screen, type the following (Without the quotes) “msconfig /all”.

After pressing enter you will be presented with information very similar to that of the status page in network properties – each adapter will be listed with IP details such as its own IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway – which again, is the default router IP.

Be aware that if you are not connected to the same network as the router, or have not been assigned an IP address from the router, then you will not see this information, or in some cases you will instead see a default IP address that windows has assigned to itself.

You can normally determine if the returned default gateway or default router IP address is correct by typing it into the address bar of internet explorer or other web browser, followed by pressing enter.

If the IP is that of the router, then you should be presented with either the routers webpage, or with a credentials prompt.

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gaining access when you have not been assigned an IP address

Sometimes you will have a situation where you have not been assigned an IP address and in this case, trying the above methods will not produce good results.

manually assigned ip address

In these cases, you have several options, firstly you can try to guess the default router IP address, and manually assign yourself an ip on the same network and then try to gain access to the router.

Secondly, you can use a handy windows CMD tool called arp.

finding the default router ip using arp

By going back to your command prompt and typing the following without quotes “arp -a” and pressing enter you can receive a list displaying all network devices whose broadcasts have been picked up by your computers network adapter. This will often show the default router ip even if you have not been assigned an address on its network.