If you have ever had to hire in a third party to design a website, code a piece of software or perhaps even build a complete backend for your web platform then you probably know that it can often be a frustrating process.

Unless you are in a position to source, interview and hire a full time employee to carry out the works that you require, then even finding the right person for the project can be difficult and once you do find someone its hard to know if they are right for the job until they start working, then its often too late to get out of a contract.

Project4Hire is an online service that aims to tackle this problem by providing a platform from which you can hire freelance programmers.

programming-593312_1280The website basically consists of a freelance marketplace where you can find professional service providers within the IT sector to carry out a wide range of jobs and IT related tasks.

Some of the services that you can hire for on the site are IT consultancy, web development and programmers within many different disciplines.

So how does the hiring process work?

The focus of this article is hiring professional IT services, but even so its a good idea to look at this particular service from another angle first. As a service provider, you can register on the website, post your skills, qualifications and build up a portfolio of your work.

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Once everything is set up you can search the marketplace and “bid” for projects that suit your skill set. If you get accepted for the project then you undertake the work and get paid once its all completed.

As a buyer of IT services you register on the website, post details of the project that you need undertaken and just wait for the bids to come in from appropriately skilled freelancers.

You can then look at the skills, portfolios and previous projects completed by the applicants and based on all of that information you can decide which individual is best suited to complete your project.

There are many advantages of hiring IT freelancers using this platform:

  • Convenience – the platform is very convenient because all of the freelancers are in one place and waiting for projects to undertake. So for you as the buyer its a simply case of posting details of your project and then waiting for people to bid on the work.
  • Security – because the exchange of finances is manged and regulated by the service there is a much greater security in hiring freelancers – no money is handed over until the project is completed as per the original specification.
  • Feedback – All of the freelancers on the site have a feedback score – each time a project is completed the buyer leaves feedback on how the freelancer was to work with and this makes for an easy way to see the quality and past work that any freelancer has undertaken and completed.
  • Collaboration – The platform itself has a build in collaboration module making it very easy for the buyer and the freelancer to exchange information, progress updates and so on.

If you have a project that you need to get completed in any IT related field, then take a look on Project4Hire today – select the appropriate category or search through the database of freelancers and find the right person for the project.