Even after you have read the title of this post I know what you are thinking – oh… Another online bookmarking service just like the others. Well stop right there because this bookmark service is nothing like the others. In fact, it is the rich features and the unique nature of the service offered by Bookmax that has prompted the writing of this article.

There are many differences that make this service better than all of the competition but the main two are its ease of use and its rich feature set – Bookmax has so many features that make it really useful and an online tool that you will be using every day once you get familiar with it.

First of all, I want to go over the main features

1 – Online bookmarks

This is the obvious one from the name of the service – basically this feature allows you to store all of your bookmarks online. This means all of the sites you like to visit frequently but it could also mean interesting sites that you come across. For me, as a webmaster, I like to bookmark any sites that have a good design or cool features – and these bookmarks although not frequently used serve as inspiration when I am starting new projects.

With the online bookmarking feature you can also organise your bookmarks into nested folders as well as tag them for easy access regardless of their location within the folder structure.

2 – Online lists

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This is sort of like a simple note-keeping feature of the system and once again comes in really handy. This feature allows you to keep all different types of lists in your account. Within these lists you can have text fields, number fields, date fields and checkboxes.

3 – online contact manager

Well, I told you this system was different. This is a really great feature where you can store all of your contacts. You can also keep contacts within various groups allowing you to keep everything organised and tidy.

This is really cool because, much like the online bookmarking services, there aren’t that many reliable services out there for contacts management (Unless of course you have the budget for some of the big CRM systems out there). Bookmax ticks all of the boxes here with a very user friendly contacts management system that is also affordable.

4 – Lots of other features

There are loads of other cool features as well such as online memos and an RSS feeder that you can use to manage and read all of your RSS subscriptions.

All of these features are available from your account and because it is an online service you can access them from wherever you are – as long as you have an internet connection and access to a web browser.

There are two types of account on Bookmax.net – you can have a free account that comes with a basic set of features or you can go for a premium account, starting from as little as 25 Euros per year, which includes all of the features offered by Bookmax.

Find out more and open your account at http://www.bookmax.net/