qr-code-148732_640QR Codes are the latest technology that is being used very often to easily direct people to Internet resources.

To provide some background information about QR codes the term actually stands for quick response code and as the name indicates they are designed to be an easy way for returning something to the end user – as described above, this will normally be a URL – perhaps a URL that directs the user to a website, a social media account or an online business card.

the QR system was invested in 1994 by Denso Wave in answer to the need for conveying information faster in a digital world.

Once upon a time the business card was what we used in order to convey this type of information to potential clients, friends and existing customers but in todays technology driven world business cards seem so inefficient – they are easily lost, crumpled up and also even when we manage to keep hold of them its a lot of effort to get the information from them onto our comptuer where we are most likely going to make sue of it (website URL, email address, putting contact information into our CRM and so on).

Initially the response to this was to put all of that information on the card so at least the business card details could then be manually converted into┬ádigital information and leading on from this we devised shortened URLs making the process of moving “addresses” from physical to digital but we needed something far more simple.

QR codes were the perfect solution because they enable us, as the end user, to instantly visit whatever digital information the card is trying to present us with simply by “scanning” the QR code symbol with our smart phone device.

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How do you make QR codes?

From a business owners perspective these QR codes can be very handy – first and formost the technology is very cool and often if someone sees a QR code they just can’t help but scan it – almost out of curiosity alone.

Secondly of course it is far easier to scan a QR code than it is to read and then type a long website URL into a browser – and even more so into a smart phone.

So the QR code itself is going to increase the chances of someone visiting your website drastically – if for example you send out 5000 business cards, you might get 5% of those recipients visiting your website as apposed to 15% if you have a QR code printed on the cards – that would be an extra visitors to your website with the aid of the QR code.

So as a business owner, there is a fantastic tool available online that will help you to generate a QR code for your business. The Free online qr code generator is┬áprovided by Trust This Product and does exactly what it says on the tin – it will generate a QR code, customized in terms of size and color to your exact needs and programmed with the text, contact details or URL of your choice.

Free QR code generator onlineWhilst in the process of writing this review we generated a code for BloggTech which took around 1 minute to have completed, downloaded and ready to publish with this article.

If you use any popular QR code reader and scan the code on the right hand side of this article using your smart phone you should be taken straight to the BloggTech homepage. It really is that simple to have QR codes generated for use on your website, business cards or any other marketing material.