Earlier, we had to spend many hours on summarizing perfectly a text. Those days are now over. Actually, Resoomer, your online text summarizer, lets you get a summary by a single click.

Resoomer, the professional tool

When working in a generating information company, it is essential to have some relevant summaries of what has been said. For example, for a publisher, it is crucial to get quickly the major ideas of books that it represents in order to take up the essential points and to present them in general public. It is the same thing for libraries or museums wanting to offer efficient summaries.

A device also accessible for individuals

Resoomer is not only dedicated for institutions or companies. It is up to everyone to use it like he or she wants. A reader will save considerable time when researching for specific information. An editor will easily find the idea that will captivate his readers. The journalist will summarize in one click all his colleagues’ articles to be up-to-date. In addition, the student will be at ease by summarizing his courses quickly or by finding there the needed information for his next assignment.

To summarize, everyone can use the Resoomer tool. Anyone who needs to do a summary or a press review at his own can get the tool. It provides quickness and efficiency.

Resoomer, there is no chance

Some might think that Resoomer chooses by chance random sentences so that to suggest a quick synthesis of a text, but it is totally the opposite. Well, to suggest some persuasive results, Resoomer utilizes an algorithm, founded on semantics of the key words.