It doesn’t matter if you are a sole trader or the director of a company; if you are in business then time is money. Even if you charge a set fee for a product or service the time that you (and your employees) spend delivering that service is costing money – this may be a cost that is directly related to each sale or it may be an overall cost associated with running the business.

In order to make the business as efficient as possible it is extremely important to track the time that you (and your employees) spend on each project or part of the service delivery in order to ensure that the time is being spent as efficiently as possible and also to pinpoint and rectify any tasks or projects that are not cost effective.

Of course this time tracking can be done manually – you can stipulate that your employees keep track of the time they spend on each task and you can also monitor this timekeeping yourself but using an automatic time tracking software such as Timecamp makes the process far more streamlined. Using this time tracker you can ensure that all activities are recorded and that there will be no errors in the information that is recorded for those activities and projects. In addition using this desktop tracking software you do not need to rely on your employees to keep track of time taken on each project – the time tracker desktop software will do all of that automatically as tasks are recorded into the software by you and your employees.

Aside from enabling you and your business to keep a track of the time spent on each project and in turn confirm the cost effectiveness of those projects using Timcamp you can also manage the projects and the teams that are working on them much more efficiently because it makes the management of tasks across your team much easier and far more streamlined. The software also gives you an insight into the day to day operations of the business – as the owner or project manager you can easily see what your team is working on, how much progress they have made on any particular project and how far they have to go until the project is completed.

All of these things make the running of your business far more efficient when you are using Timecamp.