Native Apples; Native Knowledge

Boundaries are beginning to fall. People are uniting across the globe, regardless of where they are from. Understanding cultures is becoming increasingly important. Sharing with others is also crucial in helping humanity drive towards a brighter future. Wouldn’t you love to be a part of something as beneficial as teaching facets of your culture to those with an interest? Being who you are makes you special, so join Native Apples to show off that uniqueness given to you by where you’ve grown up and the traditions you’ve learned.

What is Native Apples?

There’s a new gig platform in town that focuses on more than just freelancing your professional trade or hobby. Native Apples gives you the opportunity to promote cultural awareness by selling experiences that only members of your community would know to the rest of the world. Additionally, should you choose to request a service, you can enjoy learning about the globe as well. Native Apples makes it easy to buy and sell cultural experiences within your area.

Take a bite of worldly knowledge from those who know it best—the natives. All products and offerings are originally made or crafted by natives in international locations. Find 100% authentic East African food in Florida, USA; or request to rent a kilt while adventuring through Scotland, UK. Wherever you go in the world, there’s an enriching Native Apple.

How does Native Apples Work?

Because Native Apples is set up much like the most well-known online gig or freelance communities (think Fiverr, Uber, and Airbnb), registration and getting started is more or less self-explanatory. When you register, you can create a customized “gig.” For example, you might see “Japanese Tea Ceremony” for a group of 4 at $10 per person. When you click on it, you can learn about where this Japanese-native is located, all about the gig, and what the tea ceremony encompasses.

How Will Joining Native Apples Benefit Me?

You might have heard the term “gig economy” circulating the web and news lately. According CNBC News, over the past 20 years, the number of gig economy works (independent contractors) has grown about 27% more than payroll employees. The nature of money-making is changing in relation to the advancements happening worldwide. People are releasing themselves from the confines of a cubicle to promote doing what they love. It might be only part-time or a side hustle, but getting paid to do something you enjoy shouldn’t be disregarded.

Native Apples gives you that chance to hop on board the freelance train and make some serious money by simply sharing what you love about your culture with the rest of the world. And it’s no wonder more and more people are turning towards entrepreneurship and remote work. The advantages are astounding when compared to the traditional job routine.

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Some of the benefits of being an independent contractor and working with Native Apples are:

  • Time to develop your hobbies and interests,
  • Make a profit off doing what you love,
  • Encouraging cultural diversity and awareness,
  • Having control of your own schedule,
  • Being able to work anywhere, for your home office or while traveling abroad,
  • Getting be as introverted or extroverted as you want,
  • Spending time with family and friends,
  • Paying off student debt
  • Gig work can be part-time and non-committal or a full-time, high-yield investment
  • Save up some money for retirement (or retire early!)
  • You are your own boss

The list could go on, but we at Native Apples prefer that you discover the best parts of being a cultural representative and share the stories of your success with us!

What Can I Offer?

One of the questions you might have before joining up with Native Apples is what element of your culture is sellable. The answer is whatever you decide. As long as you are passionate about it, feel free to use the following examples:

  • Rentable native garments (kimono, kilts, armor, etc.)
  • Language translations
  • Language instruction
  • Ceremonial services
  • Cultural pottery or other arts and crafts
  • International cooking
  • Cultural folk lore
  • Children’s games and toys
  • Tours
  • Food walks
  • Dance lessons
  • Instrument lessons
  • Folk song instruction
  • Martial arts

So what more is there to think about? By becoming a part of the Native Apples community, you can give the gift of cultural experiences and raise awareness throughout the world. Not only that, but we at Native Apples will reward you for signing up now. The first 20 suppliers to list their cultural gig or to have their gig purchases will receive free professional photography services to document the beginnings of a successful translation and increase public interest in your cultural gem.

Visit to join Nativeapples.com now, and give or receive the experience of a lifetime.