The position of a computer software engineer is a highly sort after position in the UK today. Lots of employers are looking for someone to fill the position of computer software engineer. This is largely due to the rapidly expanding technology industry. It is also influenced by the fact that new technologies are emerging every day; This brings forward a requirement for software developers, computer programmers and interface design experts. All of these jobs come under the umbrella of computer software engineer.

What is a Computer Software Engineer ?

A computer software engineer can be used to describe a variety of different positions. In fact software engineering is an area of computing that is vast and covers hundreds of thousands of different disciplines, skill sets and job roles.

computer software engineer at work

A Computer Software Engineer at work

The technical definition of a computer software engineer is someone who can design, build and implement software programs for interfacing with computer hardware. a computer software engineer will typically draw from engineering, mathematics and science skills in order to achieve the desired result.

Thats the overall description of a computer software engineer, but in reality that covers a broad spectrum of tasks. The role of a computer software engineer will often first be split into several sub disciplines:

  1. Computer Software design – This involves taking an initial concept or design requirement and turning it into a feasible idea that can be built. The job of a computer software design engineer would be to design a detailed concept of the computer software and organize a project to have that software built, tested and deployed.
  2. Computer software developer – A computer software developer is the second sub discipline of a computer software engineer. This role involves the building of the software based on the original specification laid out by the design engineer.
  3. Computer software tester – This role is another type of computer software engineer who will test the computer software from various different angles. They will assess its technical sstructure its usability and will also find and report on any bugs in the software.

What programming language does a computer software engineer use ?

The next categorization of computer software engineering is programming language. There are thousands of different computer programming languages out there. When a company is looking for a computer software engineer they will often require that computer software engineer to be proficient in a particular programming language. Sometimes they will also look for proficiency in several languages. This will depend on the scope of the job.

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Some languages that a computer software engineer could specialize in are:

  • PHP/MySQL/HTML/JAVA/JAVASCRIPT/ASP.NET/RUBY – Common web development languages.
  • C/C++/VB/C# – Common windows programming languages
  • C/C++/JAVA/EIFFEL/SMALLTALK/LUA/PYTHON – Games development languages

What qualifications do you need to be a Computer software engineer ?

There are many different qualifications that you could acquire in order to become a computer software engineer. Some of the most common qualifications that employers will be looking for in a computer software engineer are:

If you don’t have a computing degree it doesn’t mean you cannot get a role as a computer software engineer. If you have past experience working in such a role and/or you have proven expertise in a particular area of programming that will often suffice.

If you want to further develop your skills as a programmer prior to going into a job role sites such as offer on line study for a wide variety of different programming languages and disciplines.

What jobs can you apply for as a computer software engineer ?

There really are lots of employers out there looking to fill computer software engineer positions. There are also lots of companies that specialise in recruiting for the IT sector.

Some of the recruitment agencies that specialise in this area are:

We have personal experience of both of those sites and they are very good for finding jobs as a computer software engineer. Both sites actually have a feature whereby you can receive a scheduled email when jobs meeting your criteria arise.

Another great site for computer software engineer positions is MBN Solutions. With offices in Scotland and London and specialising in the IT sector they are a great place to start if you are looking for a computer software engineer position. the great thing about MBN solutions is that they offer a very personal service compared to some of the larger job sites. They will work with you to find the perfect computer software engineer position for you.

What salary can I expect as a computer software engineer ?

Because computer software engineering is such a large sector salary does vary massively. Some of the key factors when looking at possible salaries will be experience, job role/responsibilities as well as the language that you specialise in.

In very broad terms, a computer software engineer can expect to earn anyway from £20,000 – £75,000 annual salary in the UK. There may be computer software engineer jobs out there that pay less than this but have other benefits such as on the job training. There may also be roles that pay much more than this if they are looking for a specific skill set.

Other jobs related to a computer software engineer

The technology sector is booming at the moment, With big data and IOT there really are new jobs opening up every single day in IT. So if you have studied to be a computer software engineer but are not sure that its the right sector for you, there are plenty of other similar jobs that you could go for.

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With a qualification in computer software engineering there are lots of other related jobs that you could confidently apply for. Some examples would be IT administration, IT Support desk and Linux administration. There are many others as well.