If you have ever had to hire a developer for any type of project, then you will understand the complications that are involved in the hiring process.

In fact, the IT industry and specifically software development is one of the hardest industries in which to find and hire competent staff.

One of the biggest challenges in hiring a developer is assessing the competency of your candidates. Because software development is such a specialised job role it can be very time consuming to confirm whether each candidate does have the skills required to fulfil the role and on top of that it can be even harder to determine which candidate has the most proficient skills to meet the demands of the project in question.

Whether you are sending out questionnaires or quizzing candidates when they come in for the interview the process of assessing each programmer’s specific skills can be very demanding and very time consuming if you want to get accurate results at the end of the process.

Online candidate testing with Tests4Geeks

Luckily there is a solution to this problem in the form of a website called Tests4Geeks. This site was built specifically to solve the problems faced by employers when hiring skilled programmers for both short-term projects and long term employment roles.

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Tests4Geeks is an online testing service specifically designed to test and confirm the skills of computer programmers and software developers.

How the service works

As an employer, you can sign up to this service and then use the platform to send your candidates to for testing prior to them advancing to the interview stage.

For example, you might be looking to hire a new web developer. You have a job specification and you have a requirement for your candidates to have certain skills such as Java, PHP, HTML and .NET programming.

You can send all your potential candidates over to the Tests4Geeks website where they will be presented with a Java test, a PHP test and so on. Once the candidates have completed the questions you will be sent a report detailing exactly what they scored on each category as well as their overall score.



It doesn’t matter how many candidates you are planning to interview – once they have all completed the questions at Tests4Geeks you will receive a summary report showing all of the candidates that took the tests as well as their respective scores.


Using this report, you can compare the candidates to each other and see who performed the best in each programming test.

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These results help you to have a much better understanding of how well qualified each potential candidate is and based on this information you can select only the most suitable and well trained candidates to come in for interviewing.

Gain detailed insight into skillsets

Using Tests4Geeks you can gain a much better understanding and insight into the skills of your potential candidates. You can receive all this information with very little effort on your part and in real time – as soon as the test has been completed you receive the results via email.

The only comparable way of getting this level of insight into potential candidates would be either by a postal test which would be very expensive to roll out as well as very time consuming to collate. The other alternative would be to undertake this testing process with candidates when they come in fo interviewing but again this would be very expensive, it would require interviewing and testing all potential candidates before you could qualify them in any way and it would be slow in terms of the turnaround time once the tests were completed.

Comprehensive range of programming tests available

The service offers an extremely comprehensive range of tests covering many different programming disciplines including:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • .NET
  • Java
  • SQL
  • C++
  • iOS
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Android
  • C

These categories can be used to test candidates in a particular discipline or they can be grouped together if you want candidates with skills in several areas in order to fill a specific role.

How the tests work

The tests typically have around 20 questions per language as this was found to be the optimum number of questions required to get a strong understanding of a candidate’s competency in any programming language.

The questions come in the form of multiple choice with a programming scenario being presented to the user and then a question being asked about that scenario.

Quality of results

The entire system is built with the aim of obtaining the most accurate results. This is achieved by including the most relevant questions for each language and ones that have been carefully selected by professional developers in each of the languages.

The tests also focus on quality rather than quantity and every question is designed to test a specific aspect of the candidate’s competencies within each language.


The service is available in a range of packages depending on your exact requirements. At the most basic level the service can be used free of charge and this allows you to test yourself with a maximum of 2 tests. This is great if you are an employer who wants to try out the service prior to signing up. It is also ideal if you are a developer yourself and you just want to brush up on your skills prior to an interview.

The highest plan allows you to test both yourself and candidates and comes with an unlimited number of tests. This plan also allows you to white label the service and comes with all the extras including email reporting and results sharing. This plan is ideal for employers who plan on using this service to test candidates across multiple disciplines and for multiple job roles and projects.

Try Tests4Geeks today

Registering for this service is very fast and easy and with the free basic plan you can get a good feel for how the service works and just how beneficial it can be for your hiring process. Not only will you save time and money but you will also be able to select potential candidates based on much more accurate criteria. Click here to sign up and kick start your hiring process.