As technology develops the way that we are working is changing dramatically. Now that we have so many services based in the cloud, super-fast Internet connectivity as standard and reliable remote communication technologies such as skype and video conferencing software the need for a team of workers to be in the same geographic location is becoming less and less important.

With these technologies it is actually becoming more efficient to have your team distributed around the globe than it is to have them in one office – in fact the office itself is almost becoming unnecessary.

Not only does a remote workforce reduce the cost of maintaining an office environment, and all that comes with it, but it also means that you can hire the right people wherever in the world they are located and it also means that you can search for the best talent within your budget.

This system of working comes with great advantages right across the corporate spectrum from micro businesses right up to global conglomerates. But with the benefits also come some problems. One of the biggest problems with employing a remote workforce is managing them – because the workers are not in one office it is sometimes difficult to make sure they are working when they are supposed to be working and that they are working efficiently.

That’s where Teamlogger comes in

Teamlogger is a time tracking software with automatic screenshots that allows your remote workers to record the time that they spend working for you as an employee or as a contractor and the software also allows you to confirm they are actually working during those times and also to give you an insight into exactly what they are doing.

The software is extremely simple to use – it can be installed on the machines of your employees or outsourcers and then the worker can start working on a project and start the timer using the software’s lightweight desktop application.

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Once the timer has been started the software will record the time that the worker is spending on that specific project whilst also taking periodic screenshots of the worker’s computer screen. These screenshots can be laid over the timeframe so that you can see exactly what the worker was doing during the time that they spent working on each project.

The software has lots of other cool features as well, including an idle detection system that will cause the work timer to automatically stop counting as well as an offline mode so that your employees work time can still be tracked even when they don’t have an internet connection. The time that is recorded during these offline periods will be synchronised when the device comes back online.

The benefits of using this software are two-fold. Firstly, the software allows workers to become much more efficient from their point of view and yours – they no longer have to worry about tracking work or counting hours because the software does it for them. Secondly it means that you get a real insight into worker productivity and you can very easily monitor and assess all of your workers and ultimately measure their performance and efficiency.