These days, your most basic dashcam will record the road in front of you with a simple wide angle lens. It will record in a lower quality and produce somewhat shaky footage. More complex cameras will record the rear of your car and occasionally out the sides. Almost all dashcam’s use internal memory and will record over in a loop meaning that all your recordings are safe inside the camera. We have listed some of the reasons we think a dashcam is a necessity.

Driving Accidents

It is advised to get a dashcam that records in 1080p (HD quality) and captures at least 30 fps so you get a smooth and crisp recording. Shaking can also be a large issue in the event of a crash, you should use a secure mounting method. Usually, these have several suction cups and will provide good quality footage. A low quality dash cam will provide really shaky image so it might not help when you need to go to court. If a red car looks like any other red car then it’s a problem. It provides that security with the face that you can get justice in the event of someone else treating you unfairly.

Parking Accidents

This is probably the most important use for a dash cam considering the frequency with which you see cars getting sideswiped and teenagers scratching cars and getting away with it. You need to be able to capture the video to see if the car next to you scrapes your car when pulling out. Since most of these are battery operated it’s probably best you leave the dash cam on the entire time.

Insurance Fraud

Whilst these videos that do the rounds on the internet might sometimes be a good joke to people, in reality it can be a nuisance to those involved. People sometimes are happy to get hit by traffic and trade a broken bone or two for insurance money. You can find a number videos online about such incidents. You need to stay protected against such events. You will even find a ridiculous few even sprinting onto your windshield.

Showing off your driving skills

If you are a talented or a bad driver you will want to document some drives you take to improve. Dash Cams are a good option in this case. The unexpected drives and moments can be captured as well. A track day or questionable incursions on local public roads etc. So they reasons need not always be negative. We will touch on a positive one next.

Road Trips

During road trips a dash cam will offer you amazing videos of your experience and also provide a sense of security if you are parking in risky spots. It is ideal if you want to get away and not think twice about every act. If you do plan on using your camera to record a road trip then you will need to bring some SD cards with you in order to store all the footage, if not then it’s easy enough to set the dashcam to just record over some footage when it gets full (You will usually get several hours of footage out of your camera so you won’t need to worry about taking the SD card out immediately).

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It is advised to check out NESA dashcams, you can choose from a number of products that suit each and every need. Remember if you are the adventurous type it is inevitable that you need to spend more for a higher quality video output.