The new LG Leon 4G LTE is here and we think there is reason to be excited! The cost is easily within reach for many more consumers than the previous LG models, even for those running on a tight budget. In return for your hard earned cash, a number of truly exciting features can be enjoyed. Online access, for starters, will hardly be a problem thanks to the high-speed LTE offering built into the phone.

Another cool feature of the Leon is the so-called Knock Code which serves as the key in case the Leon gets locked by accident. In order to make use of this feature, the user has to set up a personal knock code which can be as intricate o as easy as you want. A series of screen taps ranging anywhere from a minimum of three to a maximum of eight should be sufficient.

The Knock Code is not an entirely new LG technology. A previous LG phone model, the LG G2, has a similar feature called the KnockOn technology which has been further developed and given more advanced functionalities. As such, LG G2 owners should not have a hard time making use of the Knock Code built into the Leon.

In terms of camera features, the new LG Leon phone has the standard front and rear functionalities. The rear camera though is a bit better with its eight megapixel resolution as opposed to the front end which can only produce pictures in VGA mode.

Additionally, the photos developed in the Leon are not available in high definition. This can be a bit surprising given the growing preference for HD images. In this regard, it should be worth noting that while the overall Leon screen presentation is generally acceptable, it does not do much in terms of making a great impression. Modesty appears to be a motto adopted by LG when developing the Leon.

Appearance-wise, the LG Leon is a little different especially when compared to its counterparts like the Spirit and the Magna. Its size is a bit smaller while the display does not carry that distinctive curve.

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Interestingly, while the Leon has been built with the same designs as the Spirit and the Magna, including a storage capacity of 8GB and a RAM of 1GB, it has been set at a price much lower than its co-members in the LG four-set smartphone offering.

So if you’re in the market for an affordable Android smartphone and you’re not big on photos then this might be the right phone for you!