8027072252_3f0f5a5520_bIts no secret that Apples iphone is one of the best phones on the market in terms of functionality, popularity and style. Like many other highly functional and popular products, you are either an Apple fan or you are not (otherwise you might prefer Samsung for example).

If you are an Apple fan however, then you will be very familiar with the common problem with charging cables for the iphone – they are not as robust as they perhaps should be on such a high end device. In fact they often break – the most common fault being that the cable either gets twisted and deformed or the connector at one end or the other breaks away from the cable sheath, exposing the inner workings of the cable – making it unsafe at the very least, and often rendering it useless.

Apple Branded iphone cables

Its bad enough when you have such an expensive phone and one of the key accessories breaks down, but whats even worse is the cost of that accessory – any iphone owner will know how expensive those cables are to replace. That makes it really bad if your original cable breaks and it also makes it bad if you would like to have a couple of cables – for charging your devices in different places without having to carry a charging cable around with you each time.

It does make you feel like looking else where for an alternative to the apple branded cable.

Cheap iphone cables from ebay

The obvious alternative for iphone users is to do a quick search on ebay for lightning cables – which is actually the name given to these iphone to USB cables.

Ebay can be a great place to buy stuff, but the reality is that a lot of these after market iphone cables that are sold on ebay are cheap replacements to the original iphone cable produced by Apple. You thought Apple’s cable was poor quality? Wait until you have one of these third party cables arrive and you will be shocked at the quality in comparison.

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Volts Gold Nylon Braided Tangle-Free Cable

Have no fear iphone users – there is a cable on the market called Volts that betters all of the other cheap third party cables and even rivals the quality of the original iphone cable.

In fact, the manufacturers of the Volts Gold nylon braided cable actually designed and produced this cable in direct response to the poor quality of the original iphone lightning cable. Everything about this cable has been thought out, designed and built to make it superior to the original – every flaw seen in Apples branded lightning cable has been thought about, a work around or solution devised and then implemented into the Volts cable.

Lets take a quick look at some of the highlights of the Volts cable and at how it has been specifically designed to rival the original Apple cable in every light.


Lets face it, for iphone users, design is an important part of the product – and even an important part for the functional accessories such as the charging cable.

The volts cable comes in a range of colors including gold, silver and space gray making it look much more visually appealing than the original off white iphone cable that comes pre-shipped with the phone itself.

The cables nylon braided cord also gives it a fantastic look and feel and the quality really shines through in this design.


In many respects the quality of the cable is much more important – the lightning cable is used to charge the phone and also to connect it to your other devices and as such its not something that often leaves the house, but instead its a functional accessory and its durability and reliability is of the up-most importance.


Firstly, the Volts cable is MFI certified meaning that it follows strict guidelines set out by Apple for all hardware and software designed and produced to work with the iphone and other Apple products. This certification means that the manufacturers have adhered to these strict standards of production and is a good initial indicator that the products quality can be trusted.

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If that and the look and feel of the product wasn’t enough, we were given a sneak peak into the workings and design of the cable and its clear to see that the cables quality far exceeds other manufacturers and even the original iphone cable.

The Volts cable has an additional aluminum housing around the inner cable making it very sturdy and not susceptible to the wear and tear that often destroys standard iphone cables.

Whats more, the nylon exterior of the main body of the cable gives it another layer of protection, so to speak, as well as producing a non tangle effect – this prevents that annoying situation where your cable is all twisted up and getting in the way, but it also prevents a common problem with the original cable whereby the twisting of the cable itself would eventually cause the sheath to break away from the cable connectors which often lead to the breakdown of the cable itself.


the level of quality that has gone into the making of the Volts cable makes it an extremely durable product by definition – it is simply much more robust than its counterparts – even when abused it will last the course, but well looked after its life expectancy is far greater.

As if that wasn’t enough the Volts cable even comes with an 18 month warranty – the manufacturers way of protecting its customers from some rare faults that show up early on in the cables life due to certain parts that share their origins with the original iphone cables produced by Apple.


As soon as we saw the cable, before we had even handled it we thought the price would be set fairly high – especially considering the superior quality of the cable and the well thought out design.

However, at an RRP of $20.00 and a current (at the time of writing) sale price on Amazon of just $13.99 this products price bracket is just as amazing as its quality engineering.

if you are interested in picking up one of these fantastic iphone lightning cable replacements today, you can do so by visiting the Volts amazon page here.