Just like Windows, the Macbook is also sometimes slow and the following ways below will help you speed up your Macbook.

The first thing to note, do not rely too much on the advertised applications that will optimize the Macbook. Some cleaning programs, like CClener, can delete temporary files and free up storage, but you can’t make the MacBook run faster. So, if the Macbook is slow, follow the 6 steps below.

Clean up with Detox my Mac software

The first step to making your computer run faster is to make it cleaner and no application works better than Detox my Mac. Not only does it clean up temporary files, Detox my Mac also helps clean up startup application categories, removes unnecessary system plugins, and roots out leftover files when uninstalling applications.

Download the Detox my Mac via the link below.


The link offers 2 versions for Detox my Mac, the free and paid versions. With the free version, you can only clean up to a certain size of MBs on your harddrive and will have limited features, while the paid version can use all the features and costs more according to how many Macs you use it for.

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Turn off resource consuming processes

Use Activity Monitor, a utility similar to Task Manager on Windows to track the processes running on your MacBook and identify the perpetrators wasting system resources. Start the application by pressing Command + Space to open Spotlight search and type Activity Monitor, then press Enter.

You can check which applications use the most CPU resources, which is similar to RAM and the hard drive. To turn off a program, select it and click the X button in the upper left corner of the application.

Close applications when not in use

By default on a MacBook, when you turn off the app (Use the red x button), it will still run in the background. If the number of applications running in the background is large, it can slow down your system. To fix this, use the key combination Command + Q or right-click the application icon and select Quit to exit completely.

Turn off unnecessary programs when booting

Too many applications launching at the same time when opening the computer will make your MacBook become slower, to fix this, turn them off and only actively open them when needed. To manage startup programs, click the Apple icon and select System Preferences. Click the User & Group icon -> Login item and add or remove applications using the + and – buttons.

Note: Some applications such as Viber will not be disabled when using this method (You deleted it in the Login item already but did it when the device was still open), then you must go to the application settings of Viber and turn off the startup option on the computer.

Clean up the Launch Agent

One of the useful features of Detox my Mac is to clean Launch Agent – a small helper application that runs in the background and starts other applications when needed. Sometimes you should check and clean this list, and remove unnecessary items to help the MacBook run faster.

In Detox my Mac, find the Launch Agent settings and uncheck the unnecessary applications.

Reduce visual effects

Transparency effects and animations can make the MacBook look better, but they will also consume a lot of graphics resources and reduce the speed of the machine. If you need to optimize your system’s performance, you can trade this off. To reduce the effect, go to System Preferences , select Accessibility -> Display -> Select Reduce Transparency.