In the digital landscape of today there is no doubt that having an online presence is absolutely essential for modern businesses to reach their target audience and build their brand.

Having a website, establishing your company in the popular search engines and perhaps even jumping to the top with PPC (Pay per click) are vital strategies to survive and ones that most businesses implement to some extent already.

But if you really want to connect with your customers (both existing and prospective) then social media is undoubtedly the kingpin of your marketing campaign (or at lest it should be).

According to research carried out by Adweek Twitter had around 255 million active users in 2014, sending a total of 500 million tweets every single day. Facebook contained over 50 million pages and Linked in had 330 million users.

With those stats its very hard to deny the power social media can bring to your business. Even when you completely ignore those momentous figures, the fascinating thing about social media is that you as a business owner can directly connect with your customers – its like the digital version of approaching a customer while they are browsing your shop – except your “shop” is the entire online world.

Social media marketing is outside of our budget

So those figures are amazing right? You are used to targeting an audience of thousands with off-line advertising, thats expensive enough, targeting millions of users must be extortionate right? Wrong. That is a common misconception and in actual fact its offline marketing thats expensive and often ineffective.

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Online advertising can be much more cost effective and bring much greater results due to the fact that it can be planned, tracked, verified and then modified to work even more effectively.

Where to start?

That is where Advowire comes in. They provide a fantastic service that connects real social media users to your business in order to increase reach, build trust and drive traffic.

advowire social media sharing

Advowire is the perfect tool to get your social media campaign off the ground and to build your social media profile. The service is brilliant but the concept is very simple. As a business you build your content marketing strategy – create your social media accounts, decide what to tweet about, who to target and then you register with Advowire, pick your niche and target audience, your social media platform of choice and then select how much you are willing to bid for social media shares of your content.

Once your campaign is up and running, real social media users (or influencer’s) in your niche, share your content (your tweets, your facebook posts or your LinkedIn updates) and build a buzz around your brand.

Promoting your brand on Social Media

Advowire is great for building your brand – a campaign takes 5 minutes to set up, is very low cost compared to other forms of advertising and will create a social media buzz about your brand in no time – as a few users on the Advowire network share your content it will then be displayed to all of their followers and so on, creating a butterfly effect with your brand, website and so on at the forefront of the hype train.

Creating real hype

Unlike some social media services out there, this service uses real users to share content in your niche. This creates a hype about your company, your services and your brand and can organically grow far beyond the scope of Advowire as your content is shared and re-shared throughout the social media landscape.

Sound interesting? If so, you can sign up here in 5 minutes and with no obligation, just take a look for yourself at how effective this marketing platform can be.