In 2012 it was estimated by the IDC that there was around 2.8 trillion GBs of data stored on computer systems, and by 2020 it is estimated that this figure will have grown to 40 trillion GBs.

Of course a lot of this data is held by large companies, database systems, hosting providers, cloud data storage etc, but a large portion of it is held with individual users and their documents, music, pictures and so on.

For that reason most people need a storage device in addition to their PC or laptop – of course we have cloud storage which is great, but its not yet ready to handle every piece of data we have.

Thats where external harddrives come in, and our review today is focusing on the Samsung 1TB M3 external and portable harddrive.

External hard drive review: Samsung 1TB M3

The samsung 1TB M3 is a very robust external hardrive. It comes with a 1TB sata drive enclosed in a well designed external casing to protect it from damage.

Samsung 1TB M3

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The drive is very compact and doesnt take up much space at all, whilst also being very robust and sturdy in its design.

Quick Specs

  •  Performance: SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (Max): 4.8Gb/s
  • OS Support: Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later
  • Physical Size/Weight: Weight (Max): 151g, Height (Max): 19.6mm, Width: 82mm, Length: 112mm
  • Additional Software:
    • AutoBackup personal backup solution
    • Secure Manager for worry-free data security
    • SecretZoneTM can encrypt data on the device

 Storage Space

With 1TB of storage (Thats roughly 1000GB) this external drive really does have a considerable amount of storage space – its the same or more than you would find in the average new laptop.

Just to give you an idea of what you could fit onto a drive of this size (and these are rough figures) you could put on any one of the following (Or a combination thereof):

  • 500,000 high quality images
  • 10 Million word documents
  • 40 Blue-ray Movies


We have selected the Samsung 1TB M3 because of its stylish design, robust enclosure, available storage space and additional software features. In our opinion it is one of the best buys on the market when it comes to external hard drives and offers both value for money and stylish design.


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