A lot of people wonder if the G700 is really that powerful as it’s advertised. For that reason we decided to make a deep review of the G700 Led flashlight and see if the claims make sense. To make the review plausible we decided to take the flashlight on a test and see for ourselves if the numbers are right.


Testing the lumen power

To measure the amount of lumens this flashlight has we used a luminometer and the test showed 648 lumens. This test was done in the dark without influencing the light with other sources. When you compare our results with the advertisement it shows that the numbers are almost down by 52 lumens, which after all is not that much of a difference.

Testing the battery life

We charged the single AAA battery at full and then we left the flashlight turned on. It worked for 68 hours and 23 minutes. The advertisement of the G700 says that the battery can last for over 72 hours non-stop which based on our results is not true. The battery life however is very impressive since the G700 uses a different technology that the older flashlight versions. If you take this flashlight on a trip with you chances are that you not going to need to charge it for quite some time.

Testing the endurance of the body

The G700 is made out of crafted aluminum which is a pretty much durable material. To see if that’s true we decided to run over the G700 with a car and see if survives the pressure. The test resulted positive and the flashlight was in perfect shape, still working normally. This test shows that the tactical flashlight is really durable as advertised and crush resistant as they say.

Testing the G700 underwater

After turning on the flashlight we placed it in a bowl of water and it continued working perfectly. The depth however wasn’t very impressive so it’s really hard to tell if you could use the flashlight for underwater explorations since that is not its primary purpose.

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Focus modes & Extra features

The G700 has an option for adjusting the focus of the light. The more you blur the light, the more it changes it shape from square to circular. The few extra modes allow you to make a strobe effect and an SOS signal. The only reason you could use this extra effects is if you were stuck in an accident.

My honest G700 flashlight review

I’ve been using the G700 for quite some time now and I’m pretty happy with it. I like the fact that it lights up a longer distance and that is very heavy. I definitely never regretted buying it and I would recommend it to everybody.

The only thing I found negative in the G700 flashlight was the price but once I started using it for longer I realized that this is not just a regular flashlight but a one that uses a very advance technology that is not yet available.

If you want to buy one you must visit the official website: https://www.theg700flashlight.com/