XJ Marketplace is a custom extension for Magento that will transform your existing magento store into fantastic marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together and allowing you to take a commission on all sales.

marketplace full

The Magento Marketplace has been designed and developed by a company called xhtmljunkies who are a premier web development company specializing in high-end website and platform development.

There website features lots of cool web applications and extensions ranging from shopping carts to mega menus as well as professional design and web development services.

However, out of all the available plugins and extensions the xhtmljunkies magento extension is the one that really catches the eye and also the one that has the potential to earn a serious amount of money due to the fact that it enables anyone to create a fully functional ecommerce marketplace similar to the likes of Amazon and Ebay.

Built on Magento Ecommerce platform

the extension is build to sit on top of the Magento ecommerce platform. This is great because it means that you can easily integrate this extension and all of its features into your existing Magento store, but it also means that if you are using this extension to launch an ecommerce marketplace from scratch, you are leveraging the power of one of the most developed and functional ecommerce platforms out there and also adding a unique and extremely powerful marketplace provided by XJ marketplace.

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Lets take a look at how the XJ marketplace extension actually works, its advantages and how to make big money with it.

Create your store

The first part of the extension involves setting up and creating your ecommerce store – between Magento and the XJ extension you can create a professional marketplace where you can have a multitude of products arranged into tidy sections, categories and even by brand.

marketplace frontend

Manage sellers

The most important concept to understand about the marketplace, and the real money maker, is that once you go live with the store you can attract and accommodate a variety of external sellers who can have access to their own backend that allows them to publish their products for sale within your marketplace.

You as the global administrator can monitor all of your sellers, approve their products, track orders and make sure every aspect of the marketplace is running smoothly.

Track orders and commission

Along with managing seller registration and product additions, you can also track all orders made via the store and monitor which sellers are selling their products, revenue and so on. Most importantly you can set commission levels for all sellers and track the commission that you have made on each and every sale.

this makes the XJ marketplace an extremely powerful platform that can mimic the likes of Amazon in the sense that you could potentially have a bustling ecommerce store full of products from every niche that you choose and managed by sellers from all over the world.

Connecting buyers to those sellers shouldn’t be too difficult with a little marketing – and in fact with all of that fresh content going onto the store on a daily basis, this job will be made even easier for you.

You then have a trade platform connecting hundreds of buyers and sellers and the entire process will be running with only minimal input from you as the administrator, because all of the order processing is handled by your sellers.

All you have to do is sit back and watch the commissions roll in.

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