With modern technology there are very few boundaries in terms of what we can do and who we can do business with. This is very true in retail as well – particularly when you have the Internet at your disposal it is possible to shop and purchase goods from almost anywhere in the world.

This has many advantages but two of the main ones are that you can get goods at competitive prices – if there is a particular item available at a cheaper price abroad then it is very easy to purchase the item from that country using online shopping methods and secondly it means that the range of products that you can chose from when shopping has become almost limitless. Where as in the past we would be restricted to shopping for clothes and so on in our local shopping mall we can now just as easily shop in any country in the world whilst sitting on our own sofa.

All of this is thanks to the Internet, however there are still some boundaries to shopping like this and one of hte main ones is shipping and physically receiving the goods once you have purchased them. Some companies will intentionally restrict the countries that they will ship to and this is often done because the pricing is different between countries. Other companies will happily ship goods to other countries but will charge extortionate rates for doing so.

There is a very cool company called Ship Now that have come up with a service specifically designed to solve this problem for US based purchases. The service is available at shipnow.us and its aim is simple – it allows its customers to shop at stores located in the US from anywhere else in the world and then at the checkout submit the address details provided by Shipnow inc. This means that the goods arrive with Ship Now at their US depot and are then repackaged and sent on to the intended address no matter where it is in the world.

Ship Now also check the goods on arrival by taking photos, checking weight and signs of any damage and then repackage the goods and send them on.

The rates provided by Ship Now are very reasonable compared to most international shipping rates offered by retail stores in the US so that is one of the main benefits but also the service opens up stores across the US to you – even if those stores wouldn’t normally ship items internationally with Ship Now that is no longer an issue.

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In addition the service is also great for individuals who are interested in making multiple purchases from outside the US because items can be sent to Ship Now and then combined and repackaged before being sent on. This is abig advantage because it will often be much cheaper and more efficient to send multiple items in a single package than it would have been to have each item send individually by the online retailer.

Overall the service is really good and it is well worth checking out for anyone that deals with US based purchases from international locations.