Everyone has heard of Sony: They are a worldwide electronics brand responsible for producing some of the most reliable, fashionable and also functional electronics of the 21st century.


One of Sony’s great innovations and also the subject of this article was in the audio electronics field and in particular with a focus on sportswear.

Sony mdr-w08: Sports headphones

Sony MDR-W08LsThe product in question was the Sony mdr-w08 sports headphones. They were a fantastic product used by everyone but sports professionals in particular who were looking for a comfortable yet durable in ear headphone for use whilst practicing, training or competing in sports of all disciplines.


Not only did the Sony mdr-w08 sports headphones have great sound quality, they were also highly durable and due to their lightweight profile and “around the head” fitting style they were perfect for athletes who needed the headphones to stay in place whilst running, jumping and various other high speed and volatile sports activities were being practiced.

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Despite the fantastic design and functionality of this product, Sony decided to discontinue the range completely, leaving thousands of upset would-be customers looking for an alternative product.

Despite searching far and wide, people were unable to find anything that was comparable to this product. Whilst there have been other products available on the market such as the HP-JBS301 by Aiwa and the Sennheiser PX 685i by Adidas these have been no where near the same quality as the original product produced by Sony and also their focus has not been the same – they don’t look anywhere as good, they don’t have the same streamlined design and their primary function is not to stay in place whilst the user is making fast movements. They are simply other products that exist on the market that just happen to be vaguely similar in appearance and design, but really are nothing like the original product.

XDR-8000 Sport By Sonxtronic

All seemed to be lost as far is this discontinued Sony innovation was concerned, until Sonxtronic came along.


Sonxtronic is a high-end, premier electronics  corporation. They have headquarters in the USA and are located between San Francisco and Silicon Valley (very near to Apple and Google).

they are a designer and producer of high-end designer electronics that whilst providing exceptional audio quality also help the user to reflect a fashionable and trendy style whilst using the product.

The XDR-800x product range is a functional and fashionable sports headphone range produced and distributed by Sonxtronic and is the most suitable sony mdr w08 replacement that we have been able to find on the market.

The product range comes in several flavors:

XDR-8000 Sport

sony mdr w08 replacement

sony mdr w08 replacement

The XDR-8000 sport comes in an extremely stylish black finish and is produced in a slender and aerodynamic design that fits perfectly round the head of the wearer providing sound directly to the ear whilst also hugging the wearers head in a way that makes fast paced movement no match for the user whilst comfortably listening to music produced by the headphones.

The XDR-8000 also features ultra comfortable design, extremely low weight footprint (roughly 0.4 ounces excluding the headphone cord). They are moist resistant and have high performance speaker drivers.

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The headphones also feature Sonxtronic XDR sound which helps to produce excellent sound for the user.

The headphones are ideal for marathoners and triathletes as well as professional athletes of all disciplines and also anyone who has an active lifestyle and is looking for a comfortable headphone that they can listen to music with whilst carrying out fast paced sporting activities and not be constantly trying to adjust the headphone so that it sits comfortably and doesn’t distract them.

XDR-8001 ICE

XDR-8001 ICE sports headphonesThe XDR-8001 ICE is based on the same design as the XDR-8000 sports headphone, all of the functions are there, the same slender and lightweight design has been carried across, but the headphones themselves are pure white in color, hence the “ICE” name being given to them.

Again they are suitable for athletes runners and active people who need a close fitting, comfortable and light weight headphone that they can use whilst running, jogging or carrying out other fast paced activities. The white color gives them a trendy look and makes them stand out against their background. The XDR-8001 ICE sports headphones are ideal for someone who likes to make a fashion statement at the same time as listening to music and wants to stand out from the crowd with a unique and yet highly functional headphone set.

In reality the two sets of headphones are very similar in design, set aside more by the color than anything else. Which product you chose really depends on your style preferences, what you want the headphones to say about you, how you want them to match your clothes and so on.

What is common between both sets is the function and the feel of the headphones. Both sets have been designed by Sonxtronic with 3 primary goals:

  1. To replace a fantastic product originally produced and sold but then discontinued by Sony. To this end Sonxtronic have looked at all of the key points in the original Sony mdr-w08 sports headphones and have tried to recreate all of those strong points and more – specifically keeping the trendy design, the lightweight makeup and the close-fit of the headphones whilst also producing a great sound quality.
  2. To bring something new to the design element of the product – this product has been given a fantastically slick and stylish look producing a headphone that molds to the users head, fits perfectly and simply looks fantastic.
  3. To produce fantastic sound quality for the user – which they have done successfully.


This product already services a multitude of consumers world wide who were looking for a direct replacement from a fantastic Sony product (the mdr-w08 sports headphones) and it has done that job perfectly.

Anyone who had a pair of mdr-W08’s now has a replacement product of very similar quality that they can pick up and use a a replacement for that old Sony hardware.

Aside from that though, Sonxtronic have another type of buyer – anyone who is into sports, whether it be running, kayaking or just training in the gym. For any sports or fitness focused individual these headphones are ideal as they allow the user to carry out all of those types of activities, whilst listening to music as we all love to do, but at the same time having both of those completely different activities working in complete unison.

the headphones have been set to fit and stay on so well for athletes that if the music stops playing, they hardly even know they are there. This is ideal for sports oriented activities and makes them an unbeatable product for all of those similar types of situations where comfort, unobtrusive fitting and shock resistance are so important.